Taking Her Virginity

Taking Her Virginity

Maybe you’re a young guy sharing first sexual experiences with your girlfriend. Or, maybe you are an older dirty pervert who enjoys defiling innocent college girls. In both instances, you are well served to be cognizant of the issues which surround taking a girl’s virginity (born again virgins don’t count). When going down this path, be advised that you are opening up a Pandora’s Box of emotions, so if you are not prepared to deal with them (or effectively disappear) you should think twice about deflowering her.

Losing her virginity is a seminal (no pun intended) event within her life, and you shouldn’t appear to take it lightly. She will obviously be nervous — it is often necessary to calm her nerves prior to initiating the journey to where no cock has travelled before. Soothing talk, stroking her hair and romantic kissing can all help towards this end. Should these not work, a couple shots of tequila should do the trick.

You must continually assure her that everything is ok, and that she is doing the right thing. If necessary, tell her that you love her. Don’t worry, you can always take it back later. Explain to her that you will go slow, and make the lead up as romantic as possible. A proper venue is helpful within this arena — doing her in your frat with your buddies egging you on is probably not helpful.

Be patient. In this instance, groping her tits for a while and briefly fingering her does not constitute sufficient foreplay. Ensure that she is very wet before you attempt to penetrate her — if she isn’t then she will most probably make you stop due to the pain. A good lubricant is also highly recommended.

While you might like to proverbially fuck the shit out of the typical girl, you need to be more gentle with a virgin. Make your initial strokes soft and long. Emphasize grinding your hips as opposed to strong thrusts in and out. Whisper sweet nothings and other shit like that into her ear. Slow down when she appears to be in excessive pain.

All kidding aside, popping her cherry is a serious event. That being said, someone has to be the first in there — it might as well be you.



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