The 10 Most Unique Strip Clubs In America

While many might think if you’ve seen one strip joint, then you’ve seen them all, however, there are several gentlemen’s clubs across the country who have adopted unique and creative amenities.  The following are ten of the most unique places where you can exercise your god-given right to leer at strippers.

Acropolis Steakhouse – Portland, OR

How rare is it these days to find a good $3 steak at a nice restaurant?  How about a juicy $3 steak mixed with even juicier naked girls?  If you think this is just a delusional male fantasy, then think again.  Such is the reality at Acropolis where the steaks aren’t the only things pink on the inside.

All Stars -San Antonio, TX

What a dream mix — hot bbq and even hotter naked women.  All Stars serves up fall off the bone baby back ribs while your checking out a babe’s back of an entirely different variety.  Most strip joints would be hesitant to put barbecue sauce into the mix of naked flesh and dollar bills, but the girls at All Stars don’t mind if they get a little messy.

Casa Diablo – Portland, OR

Despite the huge popularity of places like Acropolis and All Stars, who says that all guys who enjoy naked women also are carnivorous cavemen?  Casa Diablo is most probably the only vegetarian strip joint in America, and it caters to the Birkenstock set which populate the liberal outpost known as Portland.  The only fresh meat to be found at Casa Diablo will be grinding her hips in your face.  Play up your love of animals and maybe you’ll get an extra-special lapdance.

Cheerleaders – Philadelphia, PA

If you are an American straight male, then there is definitely something wrong with you if you haven’t had at least one cheerleader-theme fantasy.  Cheerleaders seeks to help bring those fantasies to life, and although all dancers don’t carry pom-poms a sufficient number do in order to facilitate re-living your most prurient adolescent fantasies.  Cheerleaders also features a fully stocked walk-in humidor in addition to their very well provisioned bar.  Massage therapists are also on hand to provide for a happy ending to your evening of sis-boom-bah.

Cheetah – Atlanta, GA

Cheetah customers obviously enjoy their wide array of spicy southern pussy, but when it comes to the menu the star is homemade lasagna.  Free lasagna is provided to the club’s patrons, and many find it so good they find ways to smuggle some home for the wife and kids.  Hey, what they don’t know won’t hurt them.

Club Risque – Philadelphia, PA

Club Risque joins Cheerleaders as the second Philadelphia based strip joint thus putting the City of Brotherly Love towards the top of the heap when it comes to pole-based entertainment.  Club Risque is unique in that their all-you-can-eat free buffet lunch receives rave reviews from local culinary experts.  This also provides the excuse of “I only go there for the food” should you be busted by your significant other for going there.

Cocoon Gentleman’s Club – Arcadia, CA

Guys end up at strip joints for a nice view of some tasty tuna, and at Cocoon’s you can also touch and eat it.  No, this isn’t a brothel — it’s the nation’s first combo strip joint and sushi bar.  Both the club’s fish and women are always fresh, and this is one sushi bar where the wasabe won’t be the spiciest part of the experience.

Men’s Club – Las Vegas, NV

A list of strip joints without at least one entry from the city of sin would be incomplete.  The Men’s Club is one of the most elite gentlemen’s clubs in Vegas, and they boast a 10,000 bottle wine cellar.  What makes the Men’s Club unique is their “excuse booth”.  This booth — akin to Maxwell Smart’s cone of silence — provides patrons with a quick quiet respite from the noise of the club in order to take a call from your boss or wife (which very well could be one and the same).

Rachel’s – Casselberry, FL

Rachel’s has taken the concept of the early bird special to an entirely different level.  This strip joint caters to Florida’s abundant senior citizen population.  Seniors are provided with free meals, and even free flu shots during season.  Those under 55 must pay for $10 for the vaccine.  Surely one of the nice girls at Rachel’s will help the hurt go away after your injection.

The Lodge – Dallas, TX

The Lodge realizes that sometimes one must mix business and pleasure, and they provide patrons with WiFi, access to copiers and fax machines and a free coffee bar open all night.  If you’ve gotta pull an all-nighter to finalize that big proposal, what better a venue than this?  You might want to think twice about having clients fax you documents there or having your secretary come by to take dictation — however appealing that thought might be.

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