The Best Apps For Your Android

Despite what the popular media might lead you to believe, there are many among us who do not carry a device starting with the letter “i”.  Android owners might not own a device with the ultimate cache, however, there is a sufficiently large universe of Android Apps which can make you more productive as well as creative.


Seesmic is a tiny Android App which packs a big punch when it comes to managing your Twitter account.  Seesmic is user intuitive and seamless to use, and incorporates an API Key and your Bit.Ly log-in information which results in a simple way to track the shortened URL’s you tweet.  Seesmic has a deep selection of notification options and this app will allow even the most prolific tweeters to effectively manage their Twitter account.

Google Voice

It is no surprise that Google Voice is a prominent app when it comes to the Android, and the highlight of this app is providing you with a single phone number which rings on all of your phones and delivers messages into a centralized voicemail box.  Google Voice also allows for your voicemails to be transcribed to text.  This app comes with a large menu of options including being able to record calls, have customized greetings for common callers and blocking undesired numbers (always handy of course).  Competitive rate international calling is also offered.


This amazing app is a must-have for music fans who often have difficulty remembering a new song.  Shazam allows you to hold your Android up to any music source and the app will magically identify the song and provide you with  comprehensive information about it.


Evernote is an Android App which effectively replaces the old yellow post-it notes.  This app can be accessed from both your Android as well as your desktop and provides for seamless integration of your to-do lists, shopping lists and anything else that requires reminding yourself not to forget something.  A really cool aspect of this app is that it incorporates GPS — for example, if you entered a note near a given bar you can access it based upon its physical location.  Certainly a nice tool for those who use Evernote to replace the old “black book”.


The Kayak App is associated with one of the largest travel reservations sites on the Internet, and it provides for an easy way for your Android to search for flights, hotels and car rental reservations.  The app searches through results emanating from a multiplicity of travel sites yielding you the best price without having to spend hours repeating your search again and again.

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