The Fly – Daniel Cloud Campos

“Humans tend to think they are the dominant species. Therefore they feel they have the right to bully around those smaller than them….. but not today!” said The Fly. Camera work : Noel Beltran

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  1. bumblehead321 says:

    Flys are annoying as fuck! They like to troll people

  2. matlamaz says:

    I love ıt.. You are the best cloud..

  3. youngBreeza says:

    you’re so creative

  4. Fresh2k4 says:

    This is sooo good, i couldn’t stop laughing at the very end 😀

  5. realkef says:

    you did it once again cloud, you the best

  6. MadMusicStation says:

    Check out my videos

  7. M3mPHiS says:

    so random but fun!

  8. Muszsicrazy says:

    haha this was the best thing i’ve seen…..EVA!!!!

  9. acapluffy71 says:

    bloody hell..can’t this guy be more funnier!! trololol. X’D

  10. biozastron says:

    hahahahhahahahahahahahah… that’s all i have to laugh

  11. SleepingRohanz says:

    Cloud = bruce lee 🙂

  12. sevipk says:

    hahahaaa 😀 well done!! thanks for making people laugh this one is incredible:)

  13. bboykidrich says:

    2:05 chair to the pool..2:29 chair not pool hahahaha

  14. feekybro says:

    real talk man. say one thing about a youtube video and expect an onslaught of retarded remarks -__-

  15. Statistic68 says:


  16. boardluva108 says:

    His videos are always original, funny, and make me want more!! Keep it up 😀

  17. sugoicrew says:

    too random…

  18. ARIESIAN473 says:

    Cloud, thank you for making me laugh today!

  19. decgirl222306 says:

    Daniel awww lol this made me smile!!! 🙂

  20. thuthan911 says:

    The fly with a big head 1:42

  21. cray0lacraZy says:

    You come up with the weirdest of ideas!

  22. crude75 says:

    Lmao, I loved this

  23. JonattanD says:

    I want to see the behind the scene xD

  24. bboyhell0307 says:

    so crazy ,so fun =))

  25. DynamiteDAYO says:

    that was awesome, flybuzzing sound made me cringe bad wearing headphones!

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