The Top 10 Female Sex Fantasies

The Top 10 Female Sex Fantasies

Do you often wonder what is really going on in your girl’s mind? Oftentimes, women are hesitant to express their innermost thoughts — especially within the realm of sexuality. Just like ours, the female mind can be quite dirty. Researchers have quantified just how dirty — and which fantasies are most prevalent within your girl’s ruminations. The top 10 female sex fantasies are:

1. Bi-Curious
In stark contrast to the male gender, a significant percent of all females have at least fantasized about being with another women. Although the majority never act upon this curiosity, the thought of eating out, or being eaten by, another woman is a real turn on. Obviously, this fantasy should be fully encouraged and is one you’d be more than happy to see come to fruition in reality.

2. Domination
Whereas some girls are naturally submissive, others have dominant inclinations. In some scenarios, this fantasy relates to the female desire to fight back against males they see as controlling their lives. Although you’d never suspect it, your girl has had at least fleeting thoughts of you with a red ball in your mouth grovelling at her feet.

3. In Her Ass
Some girls love to have anal sex. Others only enjoy it as a theoretical event. Even if her back door is closed to you, odds are that she has pondered and thought about what it would be like. This, of course, is one fantasy you’d be more than willing to help her live out in real life.

4. Molest Me
You’d be surprised at the number of women who fantasize about being molested or raped. They obviously do not desire this to happen in real life, but strictly within the confines of their mind they find this to be a huge turn on.

5. Orgy Time
Some girls have actually ventured into the arena of group sex, but the vast majority of females relegate orgies strictly into the realm of their fantasies. This fantasy plays upon exhibitionist inclinations as well as the desire to be serviced and/or dominated by a group of men.

6. Peek-a-Boo
Many women have a hidden fantasy of exposing themselves to unknown men. Unfortunately, most women do not act upon these impulses (except at establishments featuring poles). The next time you are caught peering into your neighbor’s window you can just tell her you were attempting to help her live out her fantasies.

7. Ravage Me
As touched upon previously, some women fantasize about dominating you. However, far more women fantasize about you ravaging them. This fantasy often involves them being tied up and powerless to stop you having your way with them. Unlike the dominatrix scenario, this is a fantasy you’d probably be inclined to encourage.

8. Stranger Sex
Quite a few women have the fantasy of hooking up with a random stranger in an anonymous fashion. This fantasy contradicts the female bonding urge, and it is often one that girls find exciting so long as it doesn’t happen in reality. Sluttier girls obviously live out this fantasy often — some every weekend. Try setting up a role playing scenario with your girl where the two of you are just random strangers in the night. Odds are that this will prove to be a serious turn on for her.

9. Strap-On
Many girls fantasize about reversing roles and donning a strap-on giving you a taste of your own medicine. Odds are that you are not keen on trying this out, but if you are — to each his own. Just make sure she still respects you in the morning.

10. They’re All Whores
Well — not in reality, but in their fantasies many women enjoy the thought of being sold like a piece of meat. Obviously, this fantasy is not one you’d desire she act out, except if you are getting a nice cut of the action.

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