The Top 10 Supplements For Guys Seeking To Bulk Up

The Top 10 Supplements For Guys Seeking To Bulk Up

Guys seeking to bulk up can benefit from the addition of several supplements to their dietary regime. However, we must reiterate that supplements are not a substitute — nor a cure — for a poor diet. A well rounded and nutritious diet geared for muscle building is a paramount facet of bulking up — and no supplement in the world can counter the effects of an improper diet. That being said, the following ten supplements have shown the greatest efficacy when it comes to effectively complimenting a good diet and sound workout routine.

BCAA stands for branch chained amino acid, and they include three of the most critical amino acids when it comes to bodybuilding. These three amino acids are valine, isoleucine and leucine. BCCA’s help counteract the phenomenon where our muscles are broken down during a workout in order to produce more energy. BCCA’s are utilized by top athletes and bodybuilders, and some cancer patients are now advised to take them to combat potential muscle loss.

Casein Protein
Casein Protein is somewhat akin to whey protein powder. However, Casein Powder is absorbed by the body far more slowly. This makes it ideal to take an hour or two before going to sleep to combat a potential drop in amino acid production as you sleep.

Creatine is one of the most studied and research supplements in existence, and its efficacy has been established by everyone from amateurs to Olympic champions. Creatine is highly useful when it comes to muscle building, but it is difficult to maintain Creatine intake unless you eat prodigious amounts of meat. A Creatine supplement ensures you maintain sufficient levels in order to support muscle building efforts.

Energy Drinks
Energy drinks can help you greatly when you are lacking motivation or energy just prior to a workout. However, not all energy drinks are created equal. Make sure you select one with as little caffeine as possible, and avoid energy drinks which are laden with sugar. There are several natural energy drink options which meet these criteria.

Glucosamine is a joint support supplement which facilitates flexibility and the range of motion within your joints. Flexibility is a key underlying component of effective muscle building, and many who experience back and joint pain have found relief by using this supplement.

Men’s Multi-Vitamins
Even those with the most well rounded and healthy diets face the loss of vitamins due to strenuous workouts. Inclusion of a good multi-vitamin within your selected supplements ensures that critical vitamins are replaced. This not only supports muscle building, but it also contributes to your overall health.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids
No doubt that you’ve seen Omega 3’s prominently featured in the press and discussed by a myriad of health experts. This supplement is especially important because the human body is unable to produce these fatty acids on its own. This supplement provides great assistance when it comes to bodybuilding, but it also yields tangible benefits when it comes to improved cognition and cardiovascular health.

Sleep Supplements
A sufficient amount of sleep is critical for muscle growth, and many guys give back the benefits of a good workout due to their inability to get a good night’s sleep. Keep in mind that sleep supplements can be habit forming, and they should not be used on a regular basis. However, for occasional sleeplessness we recommend using an all natural sleep supplement such as Valerian.

Thermogenic Fat Burners
These supplements can be quite controversial, but many bodybuilders swear by them nonetheless. The downside of thermogenic fat burners are potential side effects. This vary by the individual, so if you are inclined to include this supplement within your routine start slowly in order to test your tolerance level.

Whey Protein Powder
Experts almost universally agree that protein powder is the most effective supplement for those looking to lose fat and build muscle. Whey protein powder is a natural and clean choice, and we highly recommend including this choice within your supplement regimen. The amino acids contained in whey protein powder greatly facilitate muscle building, and they also have been shown to have therapeutic effects. In fact, some hospitals have been including whey wheat powder in post-surgical diets in the belief that it will accelerate the healing process. Whey protein powder can be included in a shake by mixing it with ice, half a banana, and a tablespoon of natural peanut butter.

The above supplements, when prudently used in addition to a solid diet, can serve to greatly help your muscle building efforts. However, do not make the mistake of believing that you can rely on supplements as a substitute for healthy eating and an effective workout routine.

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  1. Jason says:

    What a great resource, thanks!

  2. Paul55 says:

    I recommend Multi-Vitamins for energy; but you have to make sure they are good ones.

    I’ve been taking the Dr Max Powers Multivitamins for about a year or so and, it takes about a week before you notice anything, but you WILL notice an increase in energy. And unlike what another reviewer said, they are not big at all.

    The ingredients look pretty straightforward, I don’t know what causes the energy boost unless it’s the high volume and unusual type of B supplements (cyanocobalamin?) and/or the “good” kind of vitamin E that most brands don’t have. I was taking a Puritan brand men’s vitamin prior to this, and although I’m sure it helped me stay balanced nutrient-wise, it did nothing for energy, which was my primary reason for taking vitamins.

    it INSTANTLY brought my energy level back up to normal with no reflux problems. I was amazed! I headed off to work without need of caffeine or sugar as an artificial jump start. I’m sold on these, they work for me.

  3. Gene Riggles says:

    As an essential amino acid, leucine cannot be synthesised by animals. Consequently, it must be ingested, usually as a component of proteins. In plants and microorganisms, leucine is synthesised from pyruvic acid by a series of enzymes:*;”

    Catch you later

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