The Top 5 Signals Women Send With Body Language

Whereas men generally make their desires and intentions well known, deciphering what a women really desires or is feeling can be quite difficult — if not impossible.  To assist you in analyzing what she is really thinking, the ability to read her body language provides for a very useful tool.  There are five general signals which can be read even by amateur body linguists, and shrewd guys have mastered this art in support of making her feel comfortable and convincing her to submit to your lascivious wishes.  The emotions these five body language convey are:


It is always helpful being able to recognize a woman’s anger at its onset so you have time to take proactive measures to assuage it before she crosses the point of no return.  Seeing that many girls are passive-aggressive, it is often hard to determine when she is annoyed — or even outright angry.  Many body language signs of anger are quite obvious — like when she throws one of her shoes at your head.  Others are more subtle.  These can include a slight narrowing of the eyes, her hands being placed on her hips and a gradual closing of her mouth (the calm before the stream of screaming starts).

If you are fortunate enough to see the signal quickly, then you can figure out what you did to piss her off and endeavor to rectify it.  Oftentimes, once the anger becomes obviously visible, it is too late.  Furthermore, it is no surprise to you that women often give conflicting signals.  Many girls reflexively respond to pick-up attempts with a sharp and often denigrating wit, but if her body language doesn’t indicate anger then you are probably in good shape.  The ability to read for anger lets you know both when she’s angry as well as when she’s really not angry and just playing hard to get with you.



In many scenarios, women experience inner conflicts.  Their inner angels are preventing them from exercising the desires spurred on by their inner devil.  It is incumbent upon you to recognize when conflict exists in order for you to bring out your persuasive abilities in an effort to assist the right side (the devil, of course) winning the argument.

Physical signals to look for which convey conflict are sudden changes between flirtation and disinterest.  An example would be her looking hard into your eyes and then suddenly averting her glance as if she put her hand on the proverbial stove.  You must view conflicted body language as a yellow light — it does not mean stop, but it does mean to proceed with caution and not immediately overplay your hand.  Resolving her conflicts is often the easy part — having the ability to ascertain that conflict exists within her is far more difficult.



Signs of disinterest can often be obvious, but others can be more subtle.  Body language which signals disinterest can include her never looking you directly in the eyes, crossing her arms and leaning away from you while conversing.  Sensing disinterest is the easiest of body language reading, but what to do about it presents for a more difficult decision.

One response to disinterest would be to attempt to step up your game in order to convert her initial disinterest into at least conflict — if not outright lust.  The alternative strategic decision would be to cut bait and seek greener pastures as opposed to spending time on what is probably a fruitless pursuit.  The level and intensity of her disinterest can help you with this decision — along with your level of desire for her.  Remember that dogged pursuit and overcoming initial disinterest can put you in a better position than having captured her immediate interest.



Depending upon their level of boldness, women flirt in all sorts of ways.  Flirtation can be both verbal as well as being conveyed with body language.  It obviously doesn’t take a genius to decipher many forms of flirting, but others can be more esoteric requiring a trained eye for body language.  Some of the more subtle signs of flirtation include an increased level of animation within her expressions, playful biting of their lower lip, fidgeting and toying with their jewelry or twirling their hair.

Flirtation is obviously a very positive sign, but it is not a full green light.  Some girls flirt easily, but only consummate the deal after a lot of effort is expended by the guy.  Do not make the mistake of aggressively attempting to get in her pants just because of initial flirtatious body language.  Flirtation is license for you to slowly, but firmly, move towards achieving a happy ending to the evening.



Lust constitutes the ultimate green light, and aside from the rare instance where she quickly peels off her pants and spreads her legs for you it is often more difficult to discern.  Some of these more subtle signals of lust is an increased size of her pupils, thrusting her chest forward and increasingly heavy breathing.

Upon recognizing these signals of lust it is imperative that you return them in kind — without being threatening.  Body language signifying lust is your go sign, and all you have to worry about is not screwing it up.


The next time you are out chasing women, start paying close attention to these body language signals.  Reading body language is part art and part science, and it is only perfected after much effort.  However, this effort can pay off in the most gratifying way possible within the realm of seducing women.



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