The Top 5 Words That Women Hate

The Top 5 Words That Women Hate

We all know there are words that grate upon the female ear, but many guys would be surprised to learn of exactly which words are on the most hated by females list. This list can come in handy for guys seeking not to offend their dates, or for guys who are annoyed with their woman and wish to amply annoy her back.

There are a plethora of terms used to describe the vagina including pussy, snatch, vajayjay, vagine and many others. However, there is only one such term which produces an immediate scowl when uttered in mixed company. Any guy who has used the word “cunt” around a female knows what we are talking about — and this word is obviously among the most reviled by the female gender.

Studies have shown that females respond very negatively to the word “squat”. Possibly, the reason behind this is because this word creates an association with strip searches in women’s prison B-movies. Or maybe they just find it to conjure up lurid thoughts they’d rather not experience. Whatever the reason, avoid using the word “squat” in mixed company.

Perhaps it derives from the term “panties in a wad” which they find sexist. Or maybe the word “panties” makes them feel like they are being talked to like a little girl. Unless you desire to irk her, do not refer to them as her panties — call them lingerie or even underwear.

While the word “cornucopia” has a positive connotation signaling an abundance of food, for some reason this word grates on the female ear. An easy synonym is “smorgasbord” if you need to ever use such a description without having her — for some unknown reason — be irked with you.

When it comes to the most hated word by women, the number one entry will probably surprise you. Hated more than the word bitch, despised more than the dreaded term cunt — the most hated word by females is:

This word is so hated among the female population, that boycott groups have emerged including a Facebook group with a goal of eliminating the word’s use. In fact, a professor at the University of Georgia reported that girls in his English Lit class insisted upon the word being censored — out of Shakespeare plays. What prompts this great antipathy to the word “moist”? Perhaps it is the connotation of the word when used to describe her pussy. All she hears is a sleazy guy saying “am I making you moist, baby?”.

Whatever the reasoning, it has been definitively established that this is the most hated word to the female ear — so use it at your own peril.



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