This is why I’m FAT! … by GloZell

Do you know why you hold on to some extra pounds? This might be your reason also… LOL Please follow GloZell at Thank you so much


  1. jessica ashleyjewl says:


  2. coodrew pagtis says:

    She’s a psycho

  3. hannah garner says:

    no #Georgia

  4. CRaines337 says:

    Hey guys, check out our vids on my channel 🙂

  5. Jali K says:

    “I don’t think weightwatchers has a programm for that” xDD

  6. willowisp60 says:

    Yes recently my friend told me that a demon was haunting him at school. He isn’t crazy just to religious. :-C

  7. TheKareema2 says:


  8. NKD3000 says:

    aliens use my incubator as a womb… I WOULD BE DYING OF LAUGHTER!!!

  9. Lois Howard says:

    HAHA!!!!!!XX in her womb.

  10. Sam Nan says:

    Haha of

  11. Sam Nan says:

    * if that was me I would have jumped out

  12. SunriseMist says:

    lol this made me laugh even if i am in a bad mood cryin

  13. lilmissperfect468 says:

    Hey girl luv you and ur videos!!! I subscribed on all of your vids

  14. MissSwagiee says:

    Weight watchers don’t have a program for that.. LOLLLLLLLLLLLL

  15. Cloerinna says:

    Better answer: cause you were born this way! baby

  16. 44killua96 says:

    *epic face palm*.. U f***ing kidding me..

  17. happyianchen says:

    I’m scared…

  18. idanjie00 says:


  19. msallis77 says:


  20. mezriasat says:

    hahaha i fuc***g love u glozell

  21. CandJ20112012 says:

    Oh God! Hahahahahahaha! You’re so funny Glozell!

  22. LittleShopOfHowlers says:


  23. IamBonitaMamicita says:

    The wig in the background though lol

  24. Trendypants says:

    “I don’t think Weight Watchers has a program for that.” DEAD!!!!!!!!!

  25. pmaesea1 says:


  26. Intan says:

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