Three Date Friendly Movies

Out of the current theatrical releases, three movies stand out as being date-friendly.  Within these, there are choices for comedy, action and, of course, the obligatory scary movie.

Grown Ups

Grown Ups reunites several SNL cast members from the 90’s, and although it won’t take home any Academy Awards, it is good for a few laughs.  This is a light-hearted silly comedy conducive to break the ice for first dates.  The movie features David Spade, Chris Rock, Adam Sandler and Rob Schneider going for cheap laughs in the absence of a cogent script.  The plot of Grown Ups surrounds the reunion of a middle school basketball team triggered by the death of their former coach.

Sandler plays the role of “Lenny”, the most successful of the former friends, and he splurges by leasing a huge lake house as the backdrop for this impromptu reunion.  Lenny is a hot-shot Hollywood agent with a hottie wife (played by Salma Hayek) who wasn’t thrilled having to miss a hot Milan fashion show because of this foray into her husband’s nostalgia.

Each of the former team members brings a wife and kids in tow, and the house is filled with a huge variety of characters attempting (mostly unsuccessfully) to deliver funny lines.  As indicated, this is a safe movie that won’t offend any first date nor create uncomfortable moments — if you’re looking for a purely vanilla movie choice, this one is it.

Knight And Day

Knight and Day is an entertaining action flick starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz.  This marks Cruise’s return to a role reminiscent of Mission Impossible, and he and Diaz make for a great team as they progress through this fast paced suspense/action movie.  The dialogue is witty, and the film is replete with special effects — although not all of them are as convincing so as to satisfy today’s movie going audiences.

The plot involves a super-conductive battery which has immense value — and Cruise’s character must guard it from all the nefarious entities which seek to steal it.  Although somewhat improbable, the plot is well constructed and translates to an enjoyable movie experience.  There are ample moments in Knight and Day for both you and your girl to enjoy.


Dogtooth is a Greek film which is probably the most unique of the season, and it combines satire with pure terror.  If you are looking for a movie to scare the crap out of your date, then this is it.  This is a tale of teenage angst under suburban parental control — albeit taken to a bizarre level.  The film is brilliantly produced and builds to a frenetic conclusion which is sure to have you stunned while walking out of the theater.

Dogtooth plays upon the much used theme of a distorted reality, and if you can get beyond the jaw-dropping intensity of some of the scenes in the movie there is an underlying message of deep commentary.  Dogtooth is a refreshing change from the steady stream of cookie-cutter offerings currently coming out of Hollywood.

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  1. Jason says:

    Just saw Grown Ups….just what you would expect from that group. It’s one of those relax and take all my worries away kind of movies. No academy awards will be handed out over it, but I could watch it over and over again.

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