Tips For Guys When Picking-up Women In Bars

We can’t all be the perfect lady’s man.  If you’re one of those guys who needs a few clues about picking-up women at nightclubs and bars here are a few tips that might just help you score.

Are you too afraid to approach a woman? Don’t be, as women can smell fear from a mile away. Women like men who have a powerful personality and a strong social presence. Men who exude loads of confidence in a group and are comfortable in a social gathering manage to attract the attention of women.  A well-groomed and great smelling man is a definite turn-on, but don’t forget about your personality.  What matters is how you can charm those around you.

When you go up to a woman to initiate a conversation with her avoid boring or mundane topics like work, family, business or politics.

Do not try the most obvious pick-up lines on her or else be prepared for a short interaction. Some guys have a natural ability to hold conversations but talking to a complete stranger with the intention of seducing her certainly requires some more skills.

You should try something that will take her by surprise and make her remember you. Your job is to make her feel comfortable so that she feels free to open up to you. Keep working at ramping up her interest in you.  Compliment her looks of course, but also compliment something more unusual like her shoes, jewelry, or handbag.  These might seem strange to us guys, but will make an impression with the ladies.

You also might just try to inject some humor into your conversation. A good sense of humor is a desirable quality in men that women value a lot. However, if your lines seem premeditated or fake you will strike-out.  Have something ready, but make sure it sounds like you just came up with it on the spot.

If the woman you are interested in has come to the bar with a group of women, do not simply single her out and ignore her friends. Introduce yourself to the entire group and talk with them. First impressions are very important with her friends. Crack a really funny joke or say something witty to charm your lady’s friends and you’re in.

Offering to buy a drink is standard. Buy a drink for her friends too and watch them all melt. You should also buy your buddies a drink but make sure all the women, especially the one you are hitting-on, gets to see and hear the fact that you’ve bought a drink for your buddies. This will up your desirability by a few notches as well.

The key to picking up a woman, be it at the bar or anywhere else, is confidence and fearlessness. However, exercise a little restraint and do not get all cocky. If you manage to keep her intrigued throughout the conversation you can be sure of one thing: she’ll be dying to see you again!

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