Top 10 Ethnic Restaurants For Dating

If you reside in any sizeable city, then there are most probably a wide array of ethnic restaurants which could serve as good date venues.  Each food type has its pro’s and cons when it comes to dating — and some ethnic restaurants are appropriate for first dates while others are best left until the relationship progresses a bit.  Here’s a quick guide to the Top 10 ethnic restaurant types for dating:


If there isn’t a decent Chinese restaurant near you, then you really must live in the middle of nowhere.  Chinese food is great for a date, and almost everyone can find something on a typical Chinese restaurant menu that they enjoy.  A Chinese restaurant also allows you to gain a little insight into your date — is she spicy or mild?  Adventurous?  Just make sure to learn how to use chopsticks — eating with a fork at a Chinese restaurant is hardly erudite.


Italian food is universally loved, but there are some aspects to it which can make an Italian restaurant an unwise choice for a first date.  Good Italian food is often laden with garlic, and eating pasta can be a messy affair.  First impressions are of paramount importance during the initial date, and having marinara on your shirt with stinky garlic breath is not the best image to leave her with after your first encounter.  Once the relationship evolves and you can be more comfortable with one another, then Italian can be the ideal route for a quiet and intimate dinner as a prelude to taking the relationship to the next level.

Japanese Steakhouse

The entertainment provided by the hibachi chef at a Japanese steakhouse is an ideal backdrop to break the ice during a first date.  Most of these restaurants offer steak, chicken, seafood or vegetable combos, so there is certain to be at least one thing available that she’ll like.  If you’re in a decent sized city, then there might be Korean or Mongolian bbq restaurants which accomplish the same theme but make the evening a bit more exotic.


You know these places — the ones with the indoor volcano and huge drinks with fruit and umbrellas?  Guess what, she’ll love those drinks and that is certain to put her in a good frame of mind and assuage both of your first date jitters.  Furthermore, most of these restaurants feature shared dish combination dinners — adding a bit more intimacy to the evening.


A Greek restaurant is akin to an Italian place due to the overwhelming presence of garlic in many of its dishes.  Although Greek food is amazing in many respects, it is best to avoid Greek restaurants on the first date.  However, Greek restaurants can be excellent for subsequent dates providing for a highly entertaining evening — especially the really boisterous ones with plates breaking and the like.


Sushi can be an excellent first date restaurant — provided, of course, that you ascertain that she eats it.  If so, a sushi bar provides for the intimacy of shared dishes along with conveying a worldly image to her.  If you do select sushi, make sure you like it yourself.  If you order California rolls or the like while she is a true sushi aficionado, then you will lose major points with her.  Many sushi lovers view it more of a way of life as opposed to just a food — should you both feel that way it will facilitate an immediate connection and this commonality should be exploited as early as possible in the dating progression.


If you are in one of the country’s largest cities, then there is a decent chance there is a Moroccan restaurant not too far away.  You’ve probably never eaten at a Moroccan place — and neither has she.  Taking her for a unique experience on the first date can score major points.  Add a little exotic belly dancing to the mix, along with intimately shared hand-eaten dishes — and how can you go wrong?  Make sure to do a little research in advance and know the “safe” dishes to order — some can contain ingredients sure to gross her out.

Raw Bar

Ok, this isn’t exactly an ethnic food type, but it does have a regional theme.  Just like with sushi, you probably want to verify she is into raw shellfish before you select a raw bar for a first date.  If she is, then you can intimately slurp down oysters together with their attendant aphrodisiac effects.


Indian is an excellent choice should she not eat meat — most Indian restaurants have an extensive vegetarian menu.  Indian food is also known for its spiciness — and spicy food has been shown to impact the same receptors in the brain that awaken during sex which can only be helpful while still at dinner.  Indian also shows you are sophisticated with worldly tastes — and the best part is many good Indian restaurants are quite inexpensive.


French restaurants are traditionally the most romantic and intimate — and very well could be overkill, especially on a first date.  Less formal country French restaurants are an option — but, no, the fondue place at the mall doesn’t count as a French dining establishment.  Obviously later on in the relationship — especially to mark a milestone — you can’t go wrong with asking her to dress up for a fine French restaurant.

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