Top 10 Google Chrome Add-Ons

More and more of you are adopting Chrome as a primary browser.  Early adopters of Chrome had some issues with its performance, but with time Google has made the necessary adjustments and tweaks to address previous deficiencies.  The most salient recent development when it comes to Chrome relates to the growing universe of add-ons seeking to optimize your browsing experience.  Below is HardyMag’s list of the current top 10 add-on’s that no Chrome browser should be without.


This nifty add-on is one of the best solutions out there when it comes to block the increasingly annoying ads which bombard you upon landing on your destination site.  This add-on is highly customizable and allows you to select ads which you don’t mind letting through.  For example, AdBlock gives you an option to allow through text ads but not graphicals.  Cumbersome Flash based ads often slow down your browser’s performance, and AdBlock is among your best weapons to combat this phenomenon.


Chrome’s “incognito” mode has become the preferred stealth mode for porn surfers and others seeking to retain a degree of anonymity while browsing the web.  The problem arises when you forget to switch to incognito mode, and this is where Autonito comes in.  This add-on allows you to set a list of sites which automatically trigger incognito mode within Chrome — so you no longer have to worry about forgetting to switch modes prior to visiting the nastiest of your favorite places.

Chrome Notepad

Chrome Notepad is a useful add-on which allows you to create text reminders or other notes for yourself.  The brilliance of Chrome Notepad relates to how this add-on drops your notes within Chrome’s bookmarks listings, and it then synchronizes into any other browser within which the add-on is deployed.  Chrome Notepad — believe it or not — is even better than the stand-by post-it notes when it comes to facilitating your to-do lists.

Firebug Lite

If you’re a sophisticated enough user to have occasion to be editing CSS or HTML files, then the Firebug Lite add-on can be your browser’s best friend.  Firebug Lite lets you quickly pull up details of a page and split it into sections in order to facilitate your scanning.  You can also move your mouse over any portion of a page and the code which drives it will automatically pop up in the add-on’s window.  Advanced users can change various page elements on the fly in order to ascertain how they render.

Foxish Live RSS

Foxish Live RSS is Chrome’s answer to Firefox’s Live Bookmarks.  These add-ons allow you to synthesize your bookmarks and RSS feeds into one easily accessible destination.  Foxish Live refreshes RSS feeds every five minutes ensuring your information is current.

IE Tab

Despite Chrome’s growing efficiency, there are unfortunately instances where IE becomes necessary.  No need to fear, with the IE Tab add-on you can deploy the IE rendering engine without leaving your Chrome home.  When Chrome is as ubiquitous as IE, then these problems will cease to occur — but until then IE Tab avoids the tediousness of swapping over to IE.


LastPass is an add-on presenting for a good alternative for password storage.  LastPass sends your sensitive password data into a secure cloud, and they are accessible no matter which browser you happen to be using at the moment.  The really neat part is that once you have your systems linked to the service, then you are able access the extension auto log-in to whichever site you select from any computer under your control.

Sexy Undo Close Tab

This compact extension appears on your Chrome toolbar and allows you to look back in history of your open tabs.  Without this add-on, accessing information from pages on long ago closed tabs is quite laborious.  However, undoing closed tabs with this add-on is so easy it’s sexy.

Web of Trust

As all sophisticated web denizens know, the Internet can be a scary place.  Even the most savvy surfers can be occasionally tricked by especially devious phishing links.  Web Of Trust is an add-on seeking to provide you with one more level of defense against phishers, scammers, hackers and other scoundrels now populating the web.  This add-on is a cloud-driven rating system which aggregates the feedback of the millions of the add-on’s users.  Consequently, you can benefit from the warnings of others while also having an avenue to raise an alarm when you come across a nefarious link.


Importing and exporting bookmarks can be a real pain as you transition between browsers and/or computers.  Xmarks addresses this issue by sending your bookmarks off into the cloud where they become accessible from any computer or browser you happen to be using.  A particularly useful facet of Xmarks is the ability to create bookmark profiles dictating which bookmarks appear on which computer.  This is ideal for ensuring your long list of porn sites never appears under the bookmarks displayed on your work (or girlfriend’s) computer.

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