Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid When Planning A Bachelor Party

Your best buddy is about to tie the knot, and the task of planning his bachelor party has devolved to you.  Having no real experience at event planning, you decide just to wing it figuring everything will work out just fine.  This is a recipe for — disaster.  The following mistakes are commonly made by rookie bachelor party planners turning what should be a memorable night into a potentially costly and painful nightmare:

1. Failure To Plan Is A Plan For Failure

There are quite a few moving pieces (and body parts) which go into a good bachelor party.  Hoping that all of these pieces just come together on their own will result in a party which will range from boring to chaotic.  Map out all the requisite components including venue, alcohol, food, guest list, and of course, the chicks.  A few hours of organized advance planning can avoid stressful last minute problems.


2. You’re Not A Bank

Just because you’ve been elected by all the groom’s friends to be the one responsible for planning the event, this does not mean you should outlay money on everyone’s behalf.  Collect each attendee’s share up front, and ensure your budgeting is accurate.  Having to chase stingy partygoers around for money as the alcohol starts to flow can only lead to no-good.


3. No In-Laws Allowed

It doesn’t matter how friendly the groom is with his future bride’s dad and brothers — they should not be invited to the bachelor party.  Inviting his soon-to-be in laws will result in one of two things.  The first is ensuring the groom feels constrained and will not fully enjoy his last night of being free to get blown by a stripper.  The alternative is that the groom throws caution to the wind and the bride’s brother is driven by guilt to share the gory details with his sister.  This usually does not prove to bode well towards a pleasant honeymoon.


4. Ask the Bachelor

Don’t feel compelled to make everything be a surprise.  Solicit advance input from the bachelor — it is his night, if he desires midget strippers then you should oblige him.  However, he might have been bullied by his fiance to demand that no strippers be at the party, and this request you will obviously disregard.  As to everything else including venue, drink and food types and other such details — let him throw in his two cents.


5. Don’t Peak Too Early

A good bachelor party is more akin to a marathon as opposed to a sprint.  Many a party is doomed due to afternoon over-indulgence before the party even officially begins.  Sure, everyone is pumped after flying in to Vegas or whatever the chosen locale — and it is tempting to dive right into the festivities.  Just make sure to pace yourself and avoid being passed out when the real fun starts.  An expresso stand with a naked barrista within the party space could also be a nice touch towards keeping all of the guests energized.


6. Other Guests Might Have Good Ideas

In addition to soliciting input from the groom, also ask for suggestions and advice from your fellow party goers.  One might have recently attended another party which included a nice twist which you can borrow for yours.  Also don’t be shy to ask other guests to leverage friendships or business relationships in order to negotiate down the price of the party’s most costly elements — however, don’t be a cheapskate when it comes to the chicks.  Some things you don’t want a deep discount on.  These include surgeons, divorce lawyers, whores and strippers.


7. The Groom Must Approve Co-Worker Guests

Along the same lines as with the groom’s future in-laws, do not invite any of his co-workers without his specific permission.  He very well not feel comfortably being his true drunken and horny self in front of his boss or other coworkers.  This is especially so if the groom holds a management position at his place of employment — this could subject him to much grief.  Conversely, he might not give a shit and insist that you attempt to hire the cute receptionist at his office as part of the party’s “talent”.


8. Re-confirm the Guest List Just Prior To The Party

An accurate guest tally one month prior to the party hardly equates to the list just a few days before the big event.  People’s plans change, and last minute drop outs are a common occurrence.  Alternatively, some of the groom’s other friends might have extended last minute invitations to old college buddies and others they initially forgot thus swelling the list without your knowledge.  Get a headcount a few days before the big party to ensure your venue, drink, food and bitches have been ordered in sufficient quantities to avoid a last minute scramble.


9. It Doesn’t Have To Be Lollapalooza

Do not feel compelled to create a huge elaborate event and invite everyone the groom has ever known.  The larger the party translates to the greater likelihood of something fucking up. Of course you should invite everyone the groom desires to be there, but do not get carried away and end up booking the Vegas convention center and importing half of the Arizona State co-ed population.


10. No Evidence

Treat the party like a first screening of a hit movie — no cameras, phones or even pens and paper.  To steal the phrase — what happens at a bachelor party, stays at the bachelor party. The best way to have the groom hate you forever is to have pics of him with a midget stripper on each arm make their way to his future bride’s in box.

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