Top 10 Places To Have Sex In Public

We’ve all been there — either on purpose or out of necessity.  Having sex in public is both an art and a science with added thrills and potential consequences.  Being busted for indecent exposure is hardly alluring despite the enticing aspects of public sex.  Consequently, when you engage in this potentially risky endeavor it is important to follow a few common sense tips.


There are occasions when you want her so badly it has to be done right then and there.  Many of these occasions occur in a bar or nightclub, and there is no doubt several sets of panties are dropped on a nightly basis within all popular nightlife venues.  The upside to sex in a bar is that if you’re caught, then the worst thing you’re looking at is being thrown out.  It is highly doubtful bar security will call the cops, and there is no chance you will be spied by kids (an event which can trigger the worst ramifications when having public sex).  Look for a dark corner in the bar, or even right on the dance floor if you’re especially deft.


The beach is a popular summer destination, and hooking up is an integral part of any trip to the shore.  When it comes to actually fucking on a beach, there are a couple things to keep in mind.  Obviously, sand can be quite uncomfortable — more so for her than for you.  A little advance planning having a blanket conveniently stashed in your trunk goes a long way.

Additionally, remain cognizant that most beaches are officially closed after dark and are patrolled by police.  Pick a secluded and sheltered spot and be prepared to pull up your pants quickly if the need arises.  Also, before deciding to frolic in the night time waves keep in mind that sharks feed at night.


Yeah, it sounds creepy and most chicks would tend to shy away from it — but a cemetery is an ideal public venue for sex.  Obviously, this is only to be done after dark — being busted in front of a grieving family will certainly lead to very bad consequences.  Some cemeteries have nighttime watchmen, but they’ve probably seen couples many times — and when they do it is the highlight of their shift.  It is doubtful they’d call the police.

Coat Check Room

Most all weddings, corporate parties and the like have coat check areas.  This dark closet-like area can be an ideal venue for a quickie, but it does have some risks.  Obviously, someone might come in to get their coat, however, the odds are probably remote if it is still early in the party.  Additionally, the coat check room might still have an attendant present — this obviously becomes less of an issue if she is the one you are fucking.  Just come up with a convenient excuse should anyone enter — “i’m helping her look for her cell phone” or the like will suffice.  The risk here is relatively low — if busted you’d face embarrassment, but it is doubtful anyone at the party would seek to press charges.


Classrooms can be used two different ways.  Off-hours, many colleges have quite a few unlocked classrooms which can nicely serve as your love pad for times when your place is not viable.  The only risk here is being seen by a janitor, but he’ll most probably just watch you as opposed to seeking to get you in to trouble.  The other scenario involving a classroom is to do it actually during class.  The obviously requires a high level of finesse and entails significant risk.  However, it does make for a great story.

Golf Course

If you’re anywhere near a golf course, then head towards it.  Golf courses are ideal places to have sex in public with a very low risk of being caught along with freshly trimmed greens and lush fairways which serve as nice beds.  Just stay away from water in Southern locales which could contain alligators, and always ask permission before you attempt to play her back nine.  Public sex is also appropriate while you’re actually playing — bringing her along for quickie blowjobs while carting between holes can only serve to improve your game.


University or public libraries can be great places for public sex — if you take the proper precautions.  Those that are open late night are ideal — everyone else in there is most probably furiously cramming for an exam or trying to finish a paper due the next morning — which means they won’t be paying attention to anyone else around them.  Keep in mind that one must remain quiet in a library, so make sure you cup her mouth at the appropriate moment.


You always run into hot chicks during visits to the mall.  Forget the obvious like the Victoria’s Secret changing room — that’s where you’re most prone to get busted and they will call the cops.  Look for hidden nooks within a large store or within the mall itself.  Be wary of surveillance cameras.  Consider wasting a few bucks for matinee movie tickets even though you’ll be only in the theater long enough to bang her.  Don’t underestimate mall cops — as you’ve seen the movies they can be quite power-hungry and will most likely be jealous and just love to get you arrested.


Parks can be great venues for public sex either during the day or night.  During the day you must remain very cognizant for kids — having a kid see you have sex is the worst possible outcome which could come from this type adventure.  Make sure you bring a blanket, and at night be very careful — the cops aren’t your worry, but getting mugged (or worse) very well could be.


Doing it on the subway was immortalized by the movie Risky Business, and odds are every train car in existence has been despoiled at least once during its service life.  Obviously, try to find an empty compartment, and keep your eye out for roving transit cops.  Standing up, entering her from behind balancing on the pole, is a good strategy.  Just make sure you don’t miss your stop.

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