Top 10 Role Playing Scenarios

Those in long term relationships often find that sex can fall into a routine, and it is incumbent upon the couple to be ever more creative when attempting to keep that sexual spark alive.

Role playing is an excellent way to inject a little spice and excitement into your sexual relationship, and it can further serve to solidify your trust and bond as a couple.  Additionally, role playing can bring out both of your imaginative sides, and it also can serve as a vehicle towards bringing out fantasies and desires that she would otherwise be too shy to reveal.

Depending upon your proclivities and the amount of time you have on your hands, role playing scenarios can range from being simple “dialogue only” affairs all the way to elaborate productions replete with costumes and props.  If you desire to venture down this path, the following are the top 10 role playing scenarios as recommended by HardyMag staff:


Bar Pick-Up

Ok, maybe you’re the type of guy who can easily walk into a bar and be on his way out with a hottie without breaking a sweat.  However, for those who aren’t this fortunate the bar pick-up role playing scenario can let you live out this glory without having to cheat on your girlfriend or wife.  Pick out a good night spot, have her show up first wearing an especially sexy outfit.  She can shoot down a few horny suitors in flames prior to you making your entrance and approach.  The bar pick-up scenario can end with you taking her home, or, if you desire to live a bit dangerously you can score without leaving the bar.



Your first experience playing doctor probably dates back to your elementary school days, but as grown-ups it can be even more fun.  Less adventurous couples can settle for basic groping and finger probing, while more intrepid couples can find all sorts of props online ranging from exam gowns to enemas.  Just make sure the procedures you perform remain within the parameters of your malpractice insurance.


Eager Student

Just how badly do you want that “A”?  This scenario can take on several different themes ranging from precocious cheerleader to a sorority sister desperately needing to pass that difficult Existential Philosophy mid-term.  The “eager student” scenario can also incorporate detention and/or a good old spanking if you wish to recreate the days when corporal punishment was common within our schools.  Just try to think of a more creative ending than the typical writing of “A+” on her naked belly after you shoot your load.



This role playing scenario allows her to bring out her inner whore, and the best part is that you can pay her with Monopoly money.  She could be either a high end call-girl, or maybe a nasty streetwalker if that is where you inclinations lay.  Just be careful if you have her walking the street with 8 inch clear plastic heels while waiting for you to drive by — it is doubtful that the vice squad cops will believe her story when she swears it was all just role playing.


Job Applicant

In this tough economy, some girls will do whatever is required to land that job.  This role playing scenario can have you behind the desk — and her under it.  A simple blowjob though is probably too low a bar required for her to actually get the position — we’re sure you can be a bit more creative when making her prove what a model employee she will be.


Naughty Maid

After watching her dust for a bit in a French maid’s uniform and high heels, you can see how well she can fold clothes while bent over getting fucked from behind.  Not only can you both receive excitement and gratification derived from this stereotypical role playing fantasy, but you’ll also have a really clean house after you’re done.


Pizza Guy or Plumber

No doubt you are highly fluent with the pizza guy scenario having seen it a million times in cheap porn flicks.  Any sort of service position can be utilized for this role playing scenario — pizza guy, plumber, electrician, census taker, etc.  Be a little more creative than a script consisting of “Pizza guy”.. “Oh, hi.. can I fuck you for your tip?”.  The more involved and realistic a role playing scenario is translates to more intense excitement.  And don’t knock on the door pretending to be a Jehovah’s Witness — that’s just strange.


Sex Slave

Having a sex slave is obviously acceptable to any red-blooded guy, but whether she’ll be comfortable with this scenario is the key question.  If so, the possibilities are endless within the sex slave role playing scenario.  The sex slave scenario is a good vehicle to introduce blindfolds and other implements of light bondage into your relationship.  Just don’t think this scenario gives you license to command her to wash your car, clean the gutters and mow the lawn — she probably won’t appreciate that.



In this role playing scenario, Chris Rock will be wrong and there WILL be sex in the Champagne Room.  Key to this scenario is her level of comfort giving you a lapdance or grinding around your home-made stripper pole.  If she possesses the self confidence to engage in this role playing scenario, then you can convert the typically frustrating strip joint experience into a sure thing — and if you’re nice she might even give you back all your dollar bills after you’re finished.


Top Model

Chicks eat up those model shows, so why not let her live out this dream — if only within the context of a role playing scenario.  You could be the photographer, or alternatively the booking agent with her willing to do ANYTHING just for that first big break.  Obviously, you should endeavor to keep any photographic or film emanating from this scenario secure — should they escape onto the Internet that would be one way to ensure she’ll never play this game again.

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