Top 10 Tips For Better Sex

The romance in all relationships inevitably has its ups and downs, and both parties must constantly make an effort when striving for better sex.  With better sex, the odds of your relationship lasting greatly increases.  The solution for when your sex life gets into a rut often devolves to creativity.  A few simple games or other techniques can go a long way towards having better sex.  The following are HardyMag’s top 10 tips for having better sex — hopefully a few can help bring the spark back into your relationship.

Act Out Your Fantasies

Both of you have fantasies, and the odds are you have yet to fulfill many of them.  Eliciting her fantasies can take some prodding, but once they are on the table you have a basis to work with.  Allowing her to live out one of her fantasies (assuming it doesn’t contain anything truly objectionable to you) will bring excitement and adventure back into your sex life.  Furthermore, once you facilitate one of her fantasies she’ll be obligated to assist in one of your fantasies — no doubt including another girl in a threesome is towards the top of your list.  Fantasies, when done right, can be a great tool towards better sex.



A plunge into the dark can do wonders towards having better sex.  When deprived of sight, the other senses become all the more acute.  This can only serve to heighten the sexual experience as well as adding a little adventure into your sex life.  Additionally, being blindfolded entails a high degree of trust — play in this arena can serve to heighten your bonds as a couple in addition to more intense sex in a physical sense.  Maybe you only desire to blindfold her, or possibly you are open to being blindfolded yourself.  Silk scarves make for an excellent blindfold — just don’t use anything that would make her uncomfortable, or have her appear to you as being a hostage or the like which can result in killing the experience for you.


Cock Rings

There are times when you stay rock hard from foreplay all the way until you cum.  However, many times you will not remain fully rigid during the entirety of the act.  This has nothing to do with your potency or virility — it is a universal phenomenon experienced by all men.  An easy solution towards staying fully erect, along with extending your duration, is to use a cock ring.  Some girls might find it a bit strange looking at first, but once she feels the difference she’ll begin to greatly appreciate it — and it will lend to better sex for the both of you.


Different Positions

If you’re stuck in a rut of mostly missionary with a little doggy-style occasionally thrown in, then exploring different positions can be a great help when seeking better sex.  The number of possible positions is limited solely by your imagination, and guides dating back to the ground-breaking Kama Sutra are available to provide suggestions when you run out of ideas.


Dirty Talk

The difference between boring and better sex is often in the mind, and the propensity for both genders to become aroused solely from verbal stimulus is a testament to this fact.  Many girls are too shy to initiate dirty talk on their own, and they need to be gently guided and prompted.  If you’re girl hasn’t shown a clear propensity — and comfort — with dirty words in the past, then you are wise to venture into these waters carefully.  Some words are especially grating to the female ear no matter what context they are used in, so call it a pussy and not a cunt unless you desire to immediately kill her mood.

Also, avoid blurting out thoughts which call her a slut or a whore — no matter how appropriate they sound to you within the context of the moment.  You know that you are not in reality calling her a slut, but she doesn’t.  Be sensitive to this, and don’t have your first dirty words be something to the effect of “suck my cock you dirty whore”.   If done right, better sex is possible via words alone.


Dress Up

Dressing up in “costumes” and other role playing techniques are excellent avenues towards better sex.  This can range from sexy lingerie all the way to latex and leather masks for those into such things.  Having her dress up as a cheerleader or maybe a teacher can facilitate you re-living youthful fantasies, and dressing up allows her to have a pretext for acting as she otherwise wouldn’t within the context of “real life”.  This sort of simple play is a great first step in order to have better sex, and it is easily incorporated into your sexual routines.



Women love sensual massages, and they are a great way to relax her in advance of proposing new ideas towards having better sex.  When you are giving a massage she feels that she is at the center of your world, and all the attention is upon her.  Whereas chicks impart a more emotional meaning to massages, guys are mainly glad that when getting one from their girl they can be assured of a happy ending.


New Places

The setting can go a long ways towards having better sex, and a good tip might be to get out of the bedroom.  Sex outdoors adds an element of danger to the experience which can heighten your excitement, and hotel rooms can impart an illicit feel which also can be adventurous.  If only going into another room in your place or doing it in the shower, mix up your choice of locales and see if better sex ensues.


Play Games

Games can serve as an excellent way to lower her inhibitions as well as adding an element of fun to your relationship.  It can be as simple as strip poker, or you can return back to your school days with a game of Truth Or Dare.  There are quite a few adult games marketed online — do a quick search and many choices will arise.


Tell Her What To Do

One simple route to better sex could be to just tell her what to do.  Many couples fail to communicate in the bedroom, and if you fall into this category then this tip can be exactly what you need.  Many girls enjoy being firmly told what to do allowing their inner submissiveness to emerge.  From your perspective, being in charge is obviously an attractive option — you have nothing to lose by giving it a try and only better sex to gain.

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