Top 10 Tips To Determine If She’s Submissive

Top 10 Tips To Determine If She's Submissive

Some guys like more aggressive girls — in some instances craving to be dominated and abused by a dominatrix.  However, the majority of guys desire that she be the submissive one attuned to servicing your needs and desires. If you are seeking a submissive chick, then you should be cognizant of the signals typically put out by women of this ilk. The following are some telltale signs which will help you isolate and collar a girl who will enjoy following your commands.

1. Checking Her Hair
While many girls appear to be fixated with their hair, a submissive girl will touch or attempt to fix her hair in a display meant to please you by presenting herself to your highest standards. This clue alone is obviously insufficient for you to make a firm determination, but taken within the context of other clues it is a help sign towards recognizing submissiveness.

2. Closed Lips
Submissive girls generally keep their lips pursed, and even when they smile they do it with a closed mouth. Obviously, she will open her mouth wide upon your command at the appropriate time.

3. Constant Smiling
Whereas a typical girl will express a wide range of emotions (oftentimes annoying ones as you well know), a submissive women will always smile in an attempt to illustrate that she is pleased with you.

4. Eye Contact
Many girls will maintain eye contact with you, but a submissive girl will quickly glance away (most ordinarily glance down) after you initiate eye contact. Don’t take this as a sign of rejection, a submissive girl does not deserve to make eye contact with you unless you specifically permit her to.

5. Eyebrows
This is a very subtle sign to catch, but a submissive girl will raise her eyebrows at inappropriate times. This expression ordinarily is reserved to show surprise, but submissive girls have a tendency to display this facial body language in the midst of casual conversation.

6. Head Posture
Observe how she is holding her head. More aggressive and strident girls will keep their chins up, whereas submissive women tend to maintain a posture with their chin down.

7. Leaning
Submissive chicks will lean in towards you appearing to be enthralled by every word you say. A truly submissive girl will never maintain an aloof body posture, she will always be signifying that she is yours and her attention is solely devoted to you.

8. Nervous Laughs
Be attuned for nervous laughter — especially after she finishes a sentence. This nervous laugh is a sign that she is desperately seeking your approval, and she is trying to gauge your reaction to what she just said.

9. Nodding
You might occasional find yourself nodding excessively when conversing with your boss or a major sales prospect. This is because you are trying to curry favor and allow the other party to maintain a position of dominance. The same principal applies to submissive women. Watch for ones that seem to nod at everything you say no matter how stupid or inane your comment was.

10. Palms Up
A submissive girl will use the palms up hand gesture far more frequently than their more aggressive female counterparts. Watch her hands for this telltale clue. Additionally, submissive women tend to have gestures which entail holding their hands at shoulder length.

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  1. ~m says:

    What a load of malarkey! As a submissive woman, I don’t put out these signs. In fact, if you met me on the street or in a business setting you’d never guess I’m submissive. That’s reserved for one man only – and then I behave in the manner which He expects. There’s a hell of a lot more to being submissive than the drivel you posted here.

  2. Seriously? This is a pisstake isn’t it?
    First of all this ” The following are some telltale signs which will help you isolate and collar a girl who will enjoy following your commands.” rings alarms bells straight off.

    Secondly after reading this article I’m forced to ask that if it isn’t a piss take then exactly how much experience do you *actually* have?

    Not one of these so called “signs” is an accurate reading of what constitutes a submissive women. You’ll find that the majority of submissive women show no outward sign. They’re normal women, doing everyday jobs and you wouldn’t have a clue.

    I’m guessing that you’ve read a bit online and now constitute yourself an “expert”? If that’s the case then you need to re-educate yourself.

    If it *is* a piss take then well done!

  3. Coyote Too says:

    Complete and utter garbage.

  4. Alyana says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but as a submissive woman, I find myself also doing many of the things listed above, with no conscious effort. I’m not the “feminist” outside of the house, but I think of myself as an average submissive girl. Thank you for this.

  5. 21572 says:

    I’m a very submissive woman and i really act the way the artical described. Well, not always, just sometimes, when i know a guy is interested in me or if I’m talking to a man who strikes me as really dominant. It’s an automatic uncontrolled response i have to certain guys, i guess. But out there, a lot of submissive women hide their true nature and act alpha instead. It depends on the type of the submissive women. Maybe those who don’t act submissive in everyday life wish to be a challenge to the man who would take them in hand and just be a sub in the bedroom, and those who do act submissive are more into 24/7 slave/Master relationshp.

  6. Sam says:

    This is bullshit. Half of this is interest. The other half is self-consciousness or shyness. I enjoy being a dom and I do these things due to my not-so-healthy self image and depression. This is not a good guide. The only way to truly know, is if she tells you she is.

  7. Pscott97 says:

    This describes me exactly. Up until recently I have just admitted to being a submissive woman. Didn’t know why I felt that way. I’m glad to know that there is nothing wrong with it. But I have denied it for so long. It has almost ruined my marriage. I hope by admitting it we can repair it.

  8. Kitty1985 says:

    So where do you’d all learn this stuff and how do you meet you dom male ?

  9. i find this site very interesting & if any ladies wish to live out there fantasies about being a submissive Woman,please contact my website to meet a Man for disapline lessons,spanking,or just being submissive in general,or you can just leave a message,thank you,Julian who is a Master & likes to have submissive Women under my control,my website address is,

  10. zeta says:

    You’re kidding with this right? I’m about as subby as a chick can get. You are clueless.

  11. strictdom says:

    This is the shallowest post i have ever read, if not sexist, probably the person who wrote this was spending too much time reading fantasy erotica than meeting actual, and real women.

  12. mengia says:

    How do you hold your hands at shoulder length?

  13. sach says:

    Not true at all and I’m a very submissive girl

  14. Mercy says:

    What tosh. I’m a sub girl, and this doesn’t describe me one iota. At least, not when I’m in a room with a man I want… maybe when I’m waiting for an important, but boring, meeting to kick off.

    Sexual submissiveness really isn’t necessarily connected to low self-esteem in real life, you know? Yes, in bed I like to do exactly what he likes and not waste anybody’s time pretending otherwise, but when I’m not in sexual situation I’m a real live person, just as if I was a guy, except with a double X instead of an XY.

    And to show I’m interested? Like most sub girls I know, I’m not afraid to get my chin up, hold eye contact, buy him a drink and drop some moves on the dance floor right in front of him, and his mates if I have to, because I don’t care what anybody else thinks except for him: and I want to make sure he knows how into him I am, and how far I’ll go to see him smile.

  15. SirsGrrl says:

    I am a submissive girl. The list describes me perfectly. Perhaps it is the difference of being submissive by nature or being submissive for play. I am submissive in every way.

  16. jens traber says:

    I found the article to be very accurate.Some of the comments from the bitches claiming to be subs were rude and uninformed.Whats this bullshit about being dominant in daily life and just submissive in private,if that’s true then these gals are hiding their true selves to conform to what they perceive is acceptable(in reality just Jew media propaganda trying to destroy the natural order that God created).So ladies be submissive and treat your man like a king but in return ask that he be a moral man who treats you well and protects you.And everyone please quit watching tv and movies for your cueson how to live your lives,they are purposely steering you wrong.Once again most of your signs mentioned seemed logical even if every submissive might not do them everytime.

  17. ggggg says:

    I want my hair to look good for MEN! Oh, fuck. I just thought I liked to have nice hair. A woman smiles a lot? Really? Or head tilted downward? She wont be smiling after your through with her will she! Doesn’t deserve to look at you in the eye? WTF. Maybe she’s laughing nervously cause your a creepy son of a bitch. Dumbest shit ive ever read.

  18. fff says:

    Fucking rapist.

  19. MarryT says:

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  20. ShyGal says:

    I find this article to be VERY accurate! I’ve known since my very first sexual encounter at age 15 that i desired to be dominated in the bedroom. If it is natural, you’ll know it. Its not just a want, it’s a NEED. With THAT said, from 9-5 m-f i have a job where i am the ‘boss’. I am perfectly capable of telling a man or woman what to do, & being in complete control, but when i am in direct contact face to face with a man whom gives off the ‘Dom vibe'(yes that’s a thing we subs pick up on!) My head lowers, my eye contact is quick & i get sweaty palms & dirty thoughts!! 😉

  21. krissy says:

    It is so hard to find a real Alpha/Dominate Man?? I am lucky I have found one, that uses discipline and knows how to treat a submissive.

  22. K says:

    Alot of females here have missed the point. This is about submissives, not just being “submissive in play”. A truly submissive female is one 24/7. The first commenter has missed this point, she is only submissive during “play”, with her man, and does whatever he expects her too. As a born submissive, you cannot help but show these qualities everyday, all day and others around you can pick up on it. I show every one of the traits mentioned, and all the doms i have met spotted me out before I even said a word, even vanilla females seem to sense my innate nature. And no, there is nothing wrong with it, you are who you are. Thank you to the writer for the article.

  23. sabakunobara says:

    Total crap. Some of the things I do, but because I have anxiety. I don’t make a lot of eye contact in case someone sees it as flirting or staring (I don’t want to make them self-conscious or uncomfortable). I check my hair and clothes regularly because they often shift out of place and I like looking well put-together; it has very little to do with how others see me. I also usually smile closed-lipped if I can, because I have two chips out of my front teeth and I am a bit self-conscious about them. Nervous laugh and nodding? Also because of anxiety. When I’m not anxious, the nervous laughter doesn’t appear at all and I am much more reserved with nodding; I also make prolonged eye contact.

    As for smiling constantly? I have a resting bitch face, and I don’t want to seem rude or stand-offish. Just because I want to seem polite and approachable, doesn’t mean I want to drop to my knees and call you ‘Master’. I never have my palms up (that sounds uncomfortable as hell); they are either clasped in front of me or they are resting on my lap or the table.

    As for the leaning and head posture, just no. I will lean away when I am submissive, unless you are my partner or someone I trust. And I keep my chin up to look you in the eye. I need to see you and what you are about before I trust you.

    Following these guidelines, you are narrowing your scope to the few individuals who fit all parameter. Subs are still PEOPLE, and we are unique. We’re not all going to be identifiable by the above behaviours. Hell, if you approached me and I leant toward you and lowered my eyes, I would be a DOM in that instant. I’m a switch, and some of you would probably get a real shock if you thought lowered eyes and checking my hair meant you’d be in charge.

    TL;DR these tips are shit, if a person is interested in being your sub then they will tell you. Go by this ‘advice’ and you’ll end up with a few shocked vanilla peeps gawking at you, and quite a few doms laughing at how little you know what you’re doing.

  24. Michelle says:

    I am a girl and can say that everything is true about this article. But I’ve not been able to find a dominating man by now coz of my low self confidence.

  25. Jennifer says:

    All true for me. Amazing what we learn about ourselves that would have helped knowing years before. Realizing who you are is like a fresh breath of air. I agree….this explains me to a t. Natural submission with the right partner. Cursed me in the past with the wrong one.

  26. Lalala says:

    This is honestly bullshit. A submissive does not mean a pushover or an overly compliant person, a sexual submissive is very different.

  27. Tom says:

    I guess it’s agree to disagree. I’ve been with many subs who don’t follow those same mannerisms. Although I do understand the thought process and psyche behind many of them.

  28. Sub girl says:

    As a submissive girl I actually agree with this and I do things like this all the time.

  29. Simon says:

    The one sign I have noticed with submissive women is that they often hold one wrist with the other hand behind their back or with the fingers interlaced. Sometimes the one hand may grasp the opposite elbow or lower arm. If this is accompanied by the one foot slightly forward or crossing the other foot, in my experience I have identified a real submissive. One other point I can make (as clearly demonstrated from the above comments) being a submissive women has as many variations as there are people. One shoe does not fit all.

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