Top 10 Websites For Business Travelers

Many of our jobs require extensive business travel which, if not done right, can sap the very life from you.  Being self employed does not insulate one from business travel — entrepreneurs often have to travel even more than their corporate slave counterparts.  Also, being unemployed can also entail business travel in the form of flying around the country to meet with headhunters and show up at job interviews.  Whichever scenario has propelled you into the often aggravating business travel milieu, you need secret weapons which can smooth out the rough edges and make business travel a more tolerable experience.  The following are the top ten websites which aim to help towards this end:

Kayak has been around since 2004, and it has evolved into one of the most utilitarian of travel websites.  Being advertising supported, there is neither direct nor indirect costs passed on to consumers, and all of your bookings are made directly on the given airline or hotel’s own site.  Kayak serves as a supercharged travel search engine and information aggregator allowing you to make the most convenient and economical travel booking decisions.  Kayak users can book reservations for plane tickets, hotel accommodations, rental cars and all other services associated with business travel.  They also provide a nifty tool making your searches even easier, and, of course, there is also a Kayak iPhone app.


Flightview is the best source for up-to-the-second flight status information.  The flight information on this site is so accurate that it has become the main destination for both government agencies as well as private company travel departments when seeking the status of a given flight.  Oftentimes, accessing Flightview gives you a more current and accurate flight status than you’ll receive from the airline attendant at the gate.  Knowing when a flight is delayed — or more importantly when there are problems with a leg within a connecting flight — is a critical weapon against getting stranded for countless hours at the airport or missing that important meeting or job interview.


Raveable is a hotel review site which differentiates itself from competition like TripAdvisor by assembling and analyzing all applicable reviews and producing from them clear and easily understood ratings.  Business travel is grueling even when staying at the best of hotels, and when you’re subjected to staying at the Roach Motel travel becomes more akin to a nightmare.  In the current economy many business travelers are forced to reduce expenses — sites like Raveable allow you to find less expensive hotels without subjecting yourself to a nightmare.


TimeAndDate is a handy site for those who travel internationally.  The site clearly conveys the current time in all locales, and it contains an easy converter to ensure you aren’t waking anyone up in the middle of the night.



Sites like Kayak and Raveable contain ample information about large hotels and chains, but many interesting options fall below their radar.  A small boutique hotel can be a nice change of pace for a road-weary business traveler, and it also is a perfect choice for when you are lucky enough to have your girl tagging along. contains in depth information about small boutique hotels around the world — with a specific eye towards ones which will be sure to impress your girlfriend or wife (or both).


AirfareWatchdog differentiates itself from other air travel websites in that it is able to access fare information from Southwest and JetBlue.  This site contains up to the minute pricing information, and it confirms that seats actually exist for a given quoted fare.  AirfareWatchDog is an excellent tool towards reducing airfare expenses without having to fly on red-eyes or endure double connections.


DealBase searches all hotel sites as well as travel aggregators in a quest to find you the best hotel room for the lowest price possible.  The site is free to use, and upon finding the best deal you are taken directly to the provider’s site in order to reserve your room.  DealBase fastidiously discloses all applicable details surrounding a particular deal ensuring you encounter no nasty surprises once you arrive at the check-in desk.



We’ve all been stuck in a non-reclining plane seat — or one jammed against the bulkhead.  It is often hard to ascertain which seats are in an exit row when using many travel sites, so smart flyers check SeatGuru prior to making their seat selection.  If you should have a question about a given seat, then you can access the site’s Twitter feed in order to get personalized seating advice from one of their guru’s.


Kemwel is the place to go when seeking the absolutely cheapest car rental option at your European destination.  Each area has local car rental firms which often are hard to find unless you know what you are looking for.  Kemwel is a great tool for budget business travelers who need to watch every penny.



Those who spend a lot of time on the road for business travel often find it difficult to fall asleep in ever-changing beds and surroundings.  CBT stands for cognitive behavioral therapy, and is a way for you to receive five seasons of this often helpful sleep therapy for a reasonable price of just $29.95.

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