Top 5 Signs She’s Attracted To You (Physically!)

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  1. Laromanecc says:

    No one gives a fuck

  2. tobysoter says:

    What if she grabs your jock? 

  3. R4PTORZWIN says:

    I just realized that a whole bunch of girls like me

  4. CarlosIDK956 says:

    If she keeps looking at your lips, she is most likely ready for a kiss

  5. ScoobysDisciple says:

    hahahahha funny shit. love u girls

  6. ScoobysDisciple says:

    i think i’m in love with star

  7. rockxhero says:


  8. waveyvenus101 says:

    I only do two of these 0_0

  9. frankdlisious says:

    she give me a blowjob

  10. VotePaineJefferson says:

    I get these a lot of these from girls, but they still reject me 9 times out of 10 when I ask. /facepalm

  11. kamikazeOS says:

    hey Star, Jet is not sweaty she just leaks =)) …she’s just playing hard to get

  12. medo o says:

    she repley you it lest !!!!!!!!!!!

  13. XdarkstanleyxX says:

    Hey Jet or Star, this girl said she loves me 3 times does she love me? Its a stupid question but she doesn’t act like it :/

  14. XdarkstanleyxX says:

    That was a fail of trying to talk to you :3

  15. lobosolo says:

    right click on the video. Then click “stop download”. Thank me later.

  16. Necro Shuggah says:

    She has sex with you

  17. XxMyOwnReligionxX says:

    and she starts leaking…LMAO!!

  18. IoWnDeathGAMEPLAY says:

    we know this…

  19. Stephen Henderson says:

    Star has the cutest laugh ever <3

  20. festexi24 says:

    Omg Star what in the world do u do when your attracted to a guy? 😐

  21. Bratzluver10 says:

    I’m so gonna do that Star 1:25! Thanks for the heads up!

  22. ipwntheworld007 says:

    like a….female morgan freeman?

  23. gswims says:

    LOL Every one of signs I can find in this one girl but I dlnt like her. But shes hot, kinda. Lol idk

  24. JuliaGlitterCats says:

    Sometimes I lickmy lips if I’m attracted to a guy

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