Top 5 Tips For A Smooth One Night Stand

Top 5 Tips For A Smooth One Night Stand

There are relationships, and there are one night stands — and experienced guys know that the two should never intersect. Many guys make the mistake of leading a one night stand to believe she has a chance at something more significant with them. This can prove to be a major error, resulting in anything from annoyance all the way to stalking.

By following five simple tips, you can ensure that your future one night stands are purely for pleasure, and that they end with both parties going happily their separate ways never to meet again.

1. Do It At Her Place
There are several advantages to retreating back to her place within the context of a one night stand. Firstly, your place is probably a fucking pig sty. Second, letting her see your place only serves to share more information about yourself. When it comes to a one night stand, the less she knows — the better. Third, and most important, being at her place allows you a much easier avenue of escape. At your place, you’d have to ask her to leave. This could prove to be rude and disrupt the karma of a smooth one night stand. If you are at her place, then slipping away only requires getting dressed, making up a reason why you have to bolt — and hitting the road.

2. Safety Is Paramount
Safety relates to several facets of a one night stand. Most importantly, always use protection during one night stands. You don’t know this chick — her promise that she is on the pill could be BS exposing you to a surprise kid showing up at your door years down the line. Additionally, face the facts — she is fucking you on a one night stand — and you’re probably not her only one. Failure to use protection during a one night stand can yield a memento from the occasion of the worst sort.

The other realm of safety relates to the fact that she could be a crazy fucking bitch. Even more concerning are the reports about girls luring horny guys back to a place where her guy friends are waiting to mug them. Not to be crude, but treat a one night stand like she is a hooker within this regard. Don’t leave your wallet unprotected, and be parsimonious about how much personal information you divulge.

3. Once Is Enough
Be assiduous in preventing mission creep. If she was designated to be a one night stand, then keep it that way. Double dipping can send the wrong signals, and what you view as casual purely physical play can end up being interpreted as a real relationship by her. There is always another target out there — one night with you is all she’ll get.

4. Take The Opportunity To Experiment
There are probably a bunch of things — sexually speaking — that you desire to try with girls, but they seem inappropriate with girls who you are pursuing within the context of a real relationship. One night stands are ideal vehicles to use, in order to act out these otherwise forbidden fantasies. Don’t go overboard and do something which will truly freak her out — but you really have nothing to lose. You ain’t gonna see her again anyway.

5. Play Nice
Avoid doing or saying anything which would tend to degrade her. Be polite and respectful of her. Do not have the one night stand end with her feeling used. By playing nice, you reduce the odds of her seeking retribution on you. Women feeling scorned can be vicious. Take the extra effort to avoid pissing her off — it can end up saving you a ton of grief.

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