Top 6 Tips For Getting That Promotion

Guys who make their living within the corporate jungle must achieve promotions in order for their income — and career — to progress.  Getting that promotion is part art and part science — unfortunately, good old hard work often does not alone suffice.  Competition for available positions is intense during the current economic climate, and to be the one awarded with that coveted promotion is now as difficult as it has ever been.

Consequently, guys in line for a promotion must employ every technique and trick they can in order to have the best shot.  The following are six tips HardyMag recommends for our corporate ladder climbing readers:


In order to become the most attractive candidate for the next promotion, you must first know yourself.  Put your own work under a microscope, and give yourself a candid, if not brutal, self assessment.  Those deciding upon who gets promoted will certainly scrutinize your performance — if you don’t do so proactively yourself in advance of the slot coming upon, then you won’t have the perspective to fix what needs fixing.  Be aware of both your weaknesses as well as your strengths.  Knowledge of your deficiencies will allow you to take corrective action on your own before your performance is perused by your superiors.


Rise To The Occasion

Establish your qualifications for the new position by rising to the occasion at the office.  Volunteer for that extra assignment or proactively suggest ideas which you feel could benefit the company.  Your superiors will immediately recognize it when you seize the initiative, and self-starters are most often the first to receive a promotion.  Additionally, assume leadership whenever possible without exceeding the current limits of your authority.  If you want that promotion, then display the demeanor and confidence now that you would have after achieving the next rung within the corporate ladder.


Be Assertive

The meek might inherit the world, but they won’t land that big promotion.  Management looks for assertiveness and confidence — let your testosterone guide you and become the “alpha employee”.  This is especially salient if you work in an aggressive field like finance or any sales position.  Don’t hesitate to share ideas with your superiors, or to provide guidance to fellow employees (without substantially stepping on any toes) when appropriate.


Pat Yourself On The Back

Don’t be shy when it comes to tooting your own horn.  In many instances, good deeds at the office go without notice.  Those receiving the promotion are often the ones who make their accomplishments known — loudly and boldly.  Now, there is a fine line between rightly claiming credit and bragging — you’ll know when you’re about to overdo it.  However, make sure you let it be known when you achieve a major accomplishment or devise a new or better way of doing things at your workplace.


Learn To Accept Praise

Many guys are naturally self-deprecating and are quick to share credit with their coworkers.  Guys who really want that next promotion have no compunction in accepting full credit and praise for a job well done.  You do not have to share the spotlight or glory — let your coworkers develop their own accomplishments.  Learn to graciously accept praise, and attribute your successes to hard work, intelligence and creativity — without any compunction.


Stay Connected

Water cooler gossip can become tedious, however, you must remain connected within the office grapevine.  Information is often power, and much can be learned from the inevitable gossip and innuendos which proliferate within virtually all workplaces.  This isn’t to say you should engage in gossip yourself — listening is your best weapon.  A key fact or tidbit might eventually be used to your advantage.  Also, as the saying goes — keep your friends close but your enemies even closer.  Office politics can be a waste of time, but, they unfortunately also impact the majority of promotion decisions.

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