Top 7 Foods For Men’s Health

Sure, it’s a guy’s right to indulge in an occasional oozing cheesesteak or a gargantuan plate of fiery hot wings — but those of us who wish to remain fit attempt to focus more on healthy fare on a day to day basis.  The good news is that eating healthy doesn’t have to be lame — there are seven beneficial foods which can please your taste buds along with your waist line and heart.


Salmon is an excellent source of fatty acids which promote heart health — especially when consumed in the form of sashimi or sushi.  For those of you who aren’t sushi fans, cooked salmon is just fine — as is canned salmon which includes the additional benefit of calcium and other minerals contained within the bones.  Be wary when ordering salmon at restaurants — many chefs have the propensity to bury this fish in heavy sauces which can turn a healthy meal into a cholesterol-fest.  When preparing salmon at home, the grill is the best cooking venue.  A simple marinade containing soy sauce and ginger will bring out salmon’s awesome taste without detracting from its healthful benefits.


This vegetable is commonly absent from most men’s plates — to their detriment.  Cabbage has the magic combination of being low in calories while being high in nutrients.  Cabbage also can be quite filling which helps those on a diet avoid overeating other higher caloric fare.  Furthermore, cabbage contains several antioxidants which have been proven to reduce the risk of common cancers found in men including prostate and testicular cancer.  Each cup of cabbage also contains 1.5g of protein.  Cabbage can be creatively included in your meals, and it can be used as a wrap around beef or chicken allowing for smaller portions and increased nutrition.

Swiss Chard

Swiss Chard is a type of lettuce, and it is easily found at your local supermarket.  Some compare it to romaine, but it is actually tastier.  This type of lettuce contains zeaxanthin and lutein — two excellent nutrients for healthy eyes.  Swiss Chard also serves as an excellent source of other vital nutrients, and it is low in calories.  Preparing Swiss Chard is easy and can be done in many ways.  One tasty recipe is to simply saute Swiss Chard along with some salt, pepper, a little oil and a touch of sherry — not only is this a healthy dish, but it will also serve to impress a date with relatively little effort.


Men are always eager to eat their dates — ideally the same enthusiasm develops for the fruit, too.  Dates are the ideal post-workout food seeing that they have an astronomically high score on the glycemic index.  This facilitates the absorption of proteins by your muscle cells.  Whereas some guys choose bananas as the ideal after workout food, dates have double the score of bananas on the GI and consequently will have twice their effect.  However, after eating dates you should be cognizant of their GI score for the remainder of the day’s diet in order not to overdo it.  One easy way to consumer them is in the form of date jelly on some rice crackers.

Pomegranate Berries

Most guys have never heard of pomegranate berries.  This is unfortunate seeing that they have been shown to combat the development of prostate cancer.  Pomegranate berries are also very high in Vitamin C along with several other important vitamins and minerals.  An easy way to incorporate pomegranate berries into your diet is to blend them into your post-workout protein shake — they’ll add additional flavor while helping to prevent the most prevalent form of cancer among men.

Cottage Cheese

Yes, we admit that cottage cheese is generally known as a “chick food” — but it can serve a unique role within a man’s diet.  Cottage cheese is the ideal food to consume prior to going to sleep.  This is because of the presence of casein protein within cottage cheese.  This type protein is digested slowly, and provides nutrients to your cells as you sleep.  Even more ideal, is to mix some cottage cheese with a tablespoon of peanut butter as a bedtime snack — this influx of protein and casein protein is ideal for guys seeking to build muscle.

Sirloin Steak

What list of guy’s foods is complete without steak?  A reasonable portion of lean sirloin steak is an ideal source of protein and iron.  Preparing sirloin steak with vegetables in an iron skillet provides even extra benefits in this regard — foods cooked in an iron skillet pick up a bit of the iron thus boosting intake of this important mineral — especially for guys putting in a lot of work in the gym.



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