Top 7 Vodkas Under $40

A good vodka is a staple within any well-stocked bar, and with the proliferation of luxury vodkas in today’s market it is often difficult to make a wise selection.  We’ve polled experts (along with some of our alcoholic friends towards) devising this list of the best vodkas currently available for under $40.

IDÔL Vodka

IDÔL is a French vodka which receives all the same love and care experienced by the finest wines.   IDÔL’s creators employ the same techniques utilized when producing a fine Burgandy, and this wine-based vodka is produced with a 7 column continuous distillation process.  Only the best grapes are selected, and the pristine spring water used goes through five filtrations prior to entering the distillation phase.  The result is a flavorful, yet smooth, vodka which is ideally suited for use with fruit based mixers such as orange juice.

ÍS Vodka

While now being most known for volcanoes and financial meltdowns, Iceland also produces an amazing spirit named  ÍS Vodka.  This vodka begins with Icelandic glacial water which is among the purest to be found anywhere in the world.   ÍS then imports the highest quality European wheat and proceeds to embark on an elaborate eight stage distillation process.  The result is an ultra-clean taste without the typical “vodka bite”.  This makes  ÍS Vodka among the ideal to drink straight up or in your martinis.  Although all premium vodkas come with fancy bottles, this one is especially attractive with dripping icicles and a nickel-plated cap — making it a good choice to show off prominently in your bar.

Stoli Elit Vodka

Stolichnaya is a legendary Russian brand within the world of high-end vodkas, and their Elit iteration encapsulates all the best that Stoli has to offer.  Elit is much smoother than the baseline Stoli brand which emanates from the additional filtering cycles it experiences.  Stoli Elit is ideally suited to drink straight up or with any of your favorite mixers.

Tru Organic Vodka

Who says you can’t be environmentally conscious while enjoying a fine vodka?  Tru Organic uses only natural ingredients, and they take pains to ensure that everything that goes into their vodka is produced in an environmentally-friendly fashion.  The result is a bold vodka with earthy tones and a crisp finish.  Tru Organic is best on its own or in a dry martini — Tru’s unique flavors may not go well with some mixers.

Winter Palace Vodka

Winter Palace is another French offering, and is among the family of vodkas produced by Emperor Brands.  Premium locally sourced ingredients and pristine spring water is used to produce Winter Palace, and the result is a grainy bouquet with small hints of herbs and citrus.  Winter Palace is smooth, but it retains a tiny vodka bite to remind you that you aren’t drinking water.  Many aficionados claim that Winter Palace is the ideal brand to use when mixing with energy drinks.

Jett Vodka

Jett has generated controversy within the vodka community by including additional stimulants within its product.  Jumping on the energy drink fad, Jett’s popularity emanates from its additional kick as opposed to the quality of its ingredients or its distillation process.  If you really desire to be bouncing off the walls, then order a Jett and Red Bull.

ZYR Vodka

ZYR is a product of Russia, and it uses rye and wheat grown within close proximity to Moscow.  ZYR uses a production process which entails distilling the fermented grains five times prior to introducing multi-filtered water.  The final step is a three part tasting process which allows ZYR to tweak and refine each batch ensuring it meets their high standards.  ZYR is a very mellow vodka with no bite, but it still contains earthy elements giving it a very distinct and enjoyable flavor.  ZYR is great either on its own or with any mixer.

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