Top 9 Strangest Sex Laws From Around The World

There are weird laws of all sorts, but when it comes to sex — strange laws take the cake. For those of you who travel frequently — make sure you don’t get on the wrong side of any of these often Draconian statutes.

1. Become A Paid Cherry Popper
An ancient law in Guam forbids female virgins from marrying. Consequently, a cottage industry of cherry-poppers has arisen in Guam where guys are paid by the virgin’s parents to have sex with her, so she can then be eligible for marriage.

2. Gay Animal Sex Forbidden
In Lebanon, homosexual relationships are forbidden within all arenas. In fact, you are permitted to fuck the animal of your choice — so long as it is a female.

3. Just Hope She Doesn’t Know Kung Fu
A law in Hong Kong gives a wife the right to kill her husband should she catch him in an affair — however, by law she is only allowed to attack him using her bare hands. But when it comes to her husband’s mistress — the law permits the offended wife to pop a cap in her or use whatever lethal force she desires. One imagines the mostly male Hong Kong legislature wanted to give themselves a fighting chance of surviving the attack, and were willing to throw their mistresses to the wolves.

4. Not Even With Mint Jelly
In Islamic countries governed by Sharia, it is often legal to fuck a lamb, but it is highly illegal to eat the object of your affections after doing her. This is one scenario where you face the choice between fucking or eating her — literally.

5. Reflections Of Pussy
In Bahrain, male gynecologists are allowed to examine their patients, but they are forbidden from directly looking at her vagina. The doctor must effectuate the examination through the use of looking at her pussy in a mirror.

6. Sober Fucking Not Allowed
In Maryland, vending machines dispensing condoms are illegal. However, there is one curious exception to this rule — condom vending machines are allowed in places where alcohol is served.

7. Talk About An Intrusive Mother In Law
In Cali, Colombia the law states that females may only have sex with their husbands, and that the women’s mother must be in the room to witness the first time when she gets fucked by her husband.

8. The Little Head Could Cost You Your Big Head
Whatever you do, make sure you never get caught jerking off in Indonesia. The official penalty for those caught masturbating in Indonesia is decapitation. Something tells us that this law can not be widely enforced seeing there are still men in the country walking around with both heads intact.

9. The Mother/Daughter Fantasy Is Out In Bolivia
Unfortunately, the law in Bolivia specifically precludes threesomes involving a mother and a daughter. One wonders why this law came to be — were these incestuous threesomes a widespread problem. Fortunately, the law does not prohibit doing a MILF and her daughter when conquered one at a time.

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  1. Derrick says:

    Very funny article. Love number 9

  2. Josh says:

    #5 “Reflections of Pussy”….hysterical, lol.

  3. Marlies says:

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