Top Ten Places To Meet Women In New York City

As a part of HardyMag’s ongoing City Guide series, we are now highlighting the best places for meeting women in the Big Apple.  The following, in alphabetical order, are the best places for meeting women when in New York including information about what type of girls you’re most likely to encounter at the particular locale:


The Bloomies in midtown Manhattan is a hotspot for fashion conscious and pampered women.  Guys can shrewdly leverage the endorphins released within women when surrounded by the sea of dresses, handbags and shoes within Bloomingdales, and guys comfortable with this class of girl view a space like Bloomies as prime hunting grounds.  Meeting women who are local to the city as well as tourists is easily achieved at this venue, and guys with a supreme sense of self-confidence can attempt to score with the uber-hot girls who staff the store’s perfume and make-up counters.  However, be advised that these chicks have been hit on by guys ranging from professional athletes to Wall Street masters of the universe — so don’t get your hopes up.  But as the saying goes — nothing ventured, nothing gained.


Cavo Cafe & Lounge

Cavo is a current hot spot for meeting women situated in Astoria, Queens.  This venue contains both an awesome Greek restaurant along with a vibrant lounge attracting a predominately Greek female crowd.  Cavo enables you to enjoy a perfectly crafted kebab for dinner, and then enjoy eating a hot blooded Greek girl for dessert later on in the evening (if things go as planned).  The lounge at Cavo features well known DJ’s along with live bands (mostly on the weekends).  The outdoor garden is over 4200 square feet which makes Cavo an even more attractive destination for meeting women in NYC during the warmer months.  Should you strike out at Cavo, there are myriad other hookah bars and nightclubs within easy walking distance.



Many guys falsely believe that Chelsea is strictly for gay men — to their own detriment.  The vibrant art scene in Chelsea attracts a wide range of local girls as well as tourists, and the presence of a large gay population only serves to leave more chicks available for you.  Thursday evenings are the hot night for openings at the plethora of art galleries which dot Chelsea, and many of the hottest chicks in the city gravitate to these events.  You’ll find chicks ranging from hipsters to yuppies hanging out in Chelsea, and if you put on your Che Guevera t-shirt and drop a few empty modern art aphorisms, then you might find meeting women in Chelsea to be like shooting fish in a barrel.  Chelsea is located in lower Manhattan between 20th and 28th Street.


Greenwich Village

The Village has an enticing mix of hippie girls, supple NYU students and upscale girls out perusing the many shops which populate the area.  No matter what your taste, you’ll find her on any given weekend day in and around Washington Square Park.  You can find students in the area’s many coffee shops, activist chicks at poetry readings or spoiled girls running up daddy’s credit card at the legendary shoe stores which are all up and down 8th Street.  Additionally, the Village is a great place to stop for a meal with choices ranging from Middle Eastern to the iconic Ray’s Pizza.



The MoMA is the Museum of Modern Art, and it is a classic location for meeting the most cultured — and often challenging — of women.  Here you’ll encounter students and cougars along with girls of all ages in between as well as locals along with myriad tourists from all over the world.  The MoMA is a veritable smorgasbord of women on any given day, and studying up on a few key art facts can have you appearing to be an erudite aficionado even if you don’t know the first thing about modern art.


Roof Top Bar At 230 Fifth Avenue

This venue is located in Manhattan’s Flatiron District, and it is distinctly upscale.  This is the place for meeting women who are classy and used to being pampered — if that is your thing.  The views of Manhattan from this bar are stunning as are the array of beautiful women.  When at the Roof Top Bar one wonders if they accomplish this by secretly enforcing a “hot chicks only” policy.  If you are well dressed and proficiently play the part, then the pussy at this locale will come to you.  Just bring your A game — the bounty is sweet but the competition is consequently intense.


Staten Island Ferry

You may have no need to go to Staten Island, but taking a ride on the Staten Island Ferry can still be very much worthwhile.  The Ferry has long been known by those in the know as an excellent place for meeting women providing for the ultimate captive audience.  Hot Italian chicks along with 20-something professional women are among the pickings on the Ferry during key commuting hours.  If you don’t score, at least you’ll get some of the best views of the Statue Of Liberty and Ellis Island during the roundtrip ride.


Sheep Meadow in Central Park

This area of Central Park is a prime place for meeting bikini-clad women during the summer months right in the heart of Manhattan.  Forget LA, the bodies seen during weekends at Sheep Meadow can compete with any seen on Cali or Florida beaches.  This section of Central Park takes its name from being originally used to actually graze sheep, but now it serves as a place to admire Manhattan’s bevy of hardbody beauties.



Tao is a Manhattan night spot catering to girls fancying themselves as Sex And The City characters.  Be prepared to drop a few dollars at this venue, but the expense can be well worth the investment towards meeting women of the highest caliber.  Guys seeking a sure thing often gravitate to Tao in that it is one of the most popular haunts for the highest priced hookers in the City.  If you desire to pick up a girl the old fashioned way, then be prepared to tolerate some brash attitudes among the pampered princesses who frequent this establishment.


Union Square

Union Square is just north of the Village, and it also attracts its share of NYU students.  Along with the students are many tourists along with local girls shopping at the area’s many stores.  Quite a few top flight restaurants are located in Union Square making it an ideal place to eat, party and chase pussy all in one spot.  Just sit on a bench towards the southern part of the park and you’ll have a parade of chicks of all varieties passing right in front of you.

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