Two New Comedies Hitting Theaters Now

Two summer comedies are now hitting theaters, and although they are quite different in nature both are sure to elicit smirks and guffaws.  Furthermore, both of these movies are date-friendly, and appropriate even for first dates.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

This movie is further evidence that content today is being created in order to target a niche audience.  The initial screening for this film was appropriately held at Comic-Con this year in San Diego, and those who eagerly attend and/or follow this convention are exactly the audience which the movie targets.  However, viewers of all age groups and technological prowess can appreciate the often dry and cerebral humor embodied by Scott Pilgram.  The movie is predicated upon the graphic series created by Bryan Lee O’Malley, and the film employs Toronto for its quirky backdrop.

Scott Pilgram vs. The World is a coming of age story presenting for a modern take on the 80’s genre classics by John Hughes.  Pilgram is wonderfully played by Michael Cera who originally gained prominence in the offbeat television comedy Arrested Development and achieved further fame by strong performances in Juno and Superbad.  Cera has developed an iconic persona which he is able to seamlessly craft to fit each role he plays.  In Scott Pilgram, Cera plays a 22 year old who is focused on his band, Sex Bob-omb.  His singular focus on his bass guitar and his band are frowned upon by his younger sister (played by Anna Kendrick) and his gay roommate (played by Kieran Culkin).

Pilgram’s slacker tendencies are attributed to his painful break-up with his ex-girl friend (played by Brie Larson).  To add insult to injury, his ex not only broke his heart but she also went on to live his own rockstar dreams.  This left him with his current stalkerish girlfriend (played by Ellen Wong).  However, everything changes when he develops a mad crush on hipster “Ramona V. Flowers” (played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead).  In order to win her over, Scott must defeat her seven “evil” ex boyfriends.  Thus the stage is set for a quirky techno-inspired romance story taking place within the current pop culture era.  The soundtrack features the likes of Beck and Metric, and the story flows quickly in order to be conducive to the gnat-like attention spans of its target audience.  All in all, Scott Pilgram vs. The World is an enjoyable escape from today’s woes, and it can be appreciated by hipsters and non-hipsters alike.


The Other Guys

The Other Guys is a silly comedy starring Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg.  Ferrell’s appearance in The Other Guys ensures that it will be a light hearted escape akin to the other films in which he’s starred.  The Other Guys involves this duo playing an oddball pair of cops together pursuing a major career-making case.  Most notably, this film provides for a venue in which Wahlberg establishes that he can be one of the funniest straight men out there within today’s comedic actor ranks.

Wahlberg plays Terry Hoitz, a season NYPD detective who’s career hit a wall after an unfortunate incident involving a bat, a stereo and a dark tunnel (don’t ask).  Tired of being on desk duty and serving as the butt of his fellow cop’s jokes, he is itching to return to street duty and re-establish his bonfides with a big bust.  His new partner (played by Ferrell) is a fragile former accountant who couldn’t be more different from the tough-guy cop played by Wahlberg.  However, the duo soon find themselves on the trail of a huge $30 million caper perpetrated by a desperate and greedy investment banker (played by Steve Coogan).

The duo then set out on a madcap endeavor to break up this scheme, and The Other Guys combines slapstick comedy and typical Ferrell hi-jinks woven into a cop buddy movie.  The Other Guys is a great movie for dates, and its PG-13 rating ensures no uncomfortable moments arise during a first date.



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