Two New Manly Movies Now In Theaters

Two recently released movies both target the male audience.



RED takes the typical “shoot them all” movie script and adapts it for a more sophisticated and mature audience. The violence in RED unfolds against the backdrop of a well scripted plot, and the cast includes a long litany of iconic stars. Bruce Willis plays a retired CIA agent (Frank) who has become quite bored in retirement. This boredom is quickly shattered when Frank becomes the target of several hit attempts — prompting him to seek to reconnect with former fellow agents in a quest to find out who and what is behind these attempts on his life.

His old compatriots include characters played by John Malkovich, Morgan Freeman and Helen Mirren. Victoria — the character played by Mirren — is an especially amusing character, and this role brings a new dimension to her acting talents. Despite getting on in age, the cast is able to take the viewer through a fast paced and exciting plot — replete with sufficient amounts of gratuitous violence craved by younger audiences. The special effects deployed in RED lends credulity to the action sequences — despite the age of the participants.

All around, RED is an enjoyable experience satisfying that craving for mayhem along with large doses of comic relief. Several scenes from RED will become a part of movie history — but don’t look for it to win any Academy Awards. Nonetheless, this is a movie well worth the ticket price.


Jackass 3D

Jackass 3D

The much awaited third installment of the Jackass movie franchise has arrived, and this time the gory action is conveyed to viewers in stunning (and at points cringe-inducing) 3D. One either loves — or hates — this genre of inane gonzo violence. For those who love it, Jackass 3D is sure to provide ample cringes conveying the pain involved in their antics. All of the devices usually employed in Jackass endeavors are present including costumes, rudeness and (of course) an abundance of nut-shots.

Although the movie exists to provide the stunts and pain which Jackass audiences demand, this iteration actually displayed a high degree of creativity and planning when it comes to the various pranks depicted. This movie won’t convert anyone who didn’t enjoy their previous efforts — you either love ’em or hate ’em with little in between. While the 3D format does add a lot to the experience, just brace yourself for an excessive number of cocks and dildos being flung into your face often in the most disconcerting of fashions.

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