Umbilical Brothers – Are You Talking to Me?

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  1. Yozakura5391 says:

    Best comedy duo ever.

  2. TheAmarra2 says:

    Ouh what the fu-(BOOOOOOOM!)

  3. MrMalfoy1 says:

    love shane and david

  4. humblehumbleful says:

    hahaha, -hey wait a second, u just walked through your own tank…
    -oh yeah :-/

  5. 182JeanJean182 says:

    Perfect !

  6. rooneyfan6292 says:

    love daves face at 3:26 lol

  7. lightside4 says:

    he would kick as on whose line is this sound FX

  8. bergice1 says:

    dat sound effect.

  9. aces1075 says:

    5:49 what song did he sing?

  10. pacogimanes says:

    titanic’s score
    titanic by celine dion i think

  11. schokotanzbaer says:

    my heart will go on by celine dion
    soundtrack of titanic

  12. BestofYTChannel says:

    This video has been selected by the channel as one of the best Comedy videos on YouTube and was adde to the channel’s playlist accordingly. Thanks for sharing.


  13. Psychomusic says:


  14. Moon says:

    Four score and seven minutes ago, I read a sweet artclie. Lol thanks

  15. That’s an inventive answer to an interesting question

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