Umbilical Brothers – Arnie attacks – NZ Gala

Please rate! – A classic Umbilical Brothers performance at the 2008 NZ comedy gala. Visit to learn more about these great physical comedians


  1. eleelesluulovee says:

    so funny!



  3. IndianaJonas96 says:

    shut it.
    i mean no offense, but dave isnt the only person in the duo.

  4. Pppauliii says:

    I know it, but I’m obssesed with Dave so I’m sorry if I ofended you making you think that I don’t mind Shane. They two togheter are the best seriously! =)

  5. IndianaJonas96 says:

    yeah 🙂 im sorry though, i guess im sorta obsessed with shane although i do love dave aswell 😛

  6. DasTIPIzelt says:

    The Umbilical Brothers

    Mit ihrem irrsinnig komischen Mix aus Comedy, Sound, Pantomime, Puppenspiel, Schauspiel, Artistik und wilden Späßen sind The Umbilical Brothers Australiens größter Comedy-Export.
    „Speedmouse heißt das diesjährige Berliner Programm der Umbilical Brothers, mit dem sie vom 02.-21.02.2010 im TIPI am Kanzleramt zu erleben sind.
    Also nichts wie los und Tickets sichern!

    Mehr Infos gibt’s auf tipi-am-kanzleramt!

    Wir freuen uns auf Euch!

  7. DasTIPIzelt says:

    The Umbilical Brothers

    Die Comedy-Sensation aus Australien!
    Ab Februar im TIPI am Kanzleramt in Berlin.
    Karten: 0180-327 93 58

    The Comedy-Sensation from Australia!
    February in the TIPI am Kanzleramt in Berlin.
    Tickets: 0180-327 93 58

  8. Hwaii50 says:


  9. baphomet691 says:


  10. Mikelo1989 says:

    i totaly agree with that what stalone have sad

  11. badoombum says:

    – nay! SHANE!

  12. JOxpkral says:

    Grab his leg!! thats not his leg!!

  13. 5103291 says:

    brillant man

  14. keenoled says:

    Can’t wait for the new dvd!

  15. ermesko says:

    geniales hahahahahaha!!!

  16. Cyproduction says:

    “As my friend Stallone used to say: YuhwluwuYeuhwulu” XD

  17. theRajoe says:

    he says “ off you go” : )

  18. j3zt3r625 says:

    Same here

  19. diablotor12 says:

    they are talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger not Stalone

  20. Mikelo1989 says:

    em, ok i totaly agree on the quote that Sylwester Stalone once said to Arnold Schwarzenegger

  21. kichukdave says:

    what movie were they talking about in the letter?

  22. Digidi4 says:

    5 people were killed by the attack

  23. develydevil says:

    “He doesn’t seem to have any balls” lmao

  24. ForzaAquila says:

    i didn’t find this funny at all…

  25. aces1075 says:

    my… stomach… hurts… from… laughing!

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