Umbilical Brothers – Close Up / Long Shot

The Umbies on Episode 22 of The Sideshow. Visit to learn more about them. Great work with Tripod.

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  1. DasTIPIzelt says:

    Umbilical Brothers

    Heaven by Storm

    Vom 23.06.11. bis 03.07.11.

    zu sehen im


    Karten unter : 030 390 665 50

    Viel Spaß !!!

  2. thedominobby says:

    they come on a show on nick jr dont no wats its called

  3. TopOMornin2002 says:

    The Upside Down Show. My daughter likes that show! “The Long Shot” in this clip is called “action fingers” on the upside down show. I always wondered if they had a “more adult” comedy act til i looked them up on here!

  4. 323pantera says:

    HOW?!?! how can he possibly think these guys are not funny!!! they are EPIC!!!!!!

  5. IndianaJonas96 says:

    I know 🙁 Its quite sad.

  6. 1shot1killpozdro says:

    -You did it !
    -I did it !
    -How did you do it ?
    -How did I do it ? Hah . I just used my two hands .. :DDD

  7. Pacalakin says:


  8. GC13girl says:

    awesome, gotta love the umbilical brother.

  9. BrianCejas1 says:


  10. HikariDaidoji says:

    reminds me of childhood

  11. TacosIncorperated says:


  12. LockinLatino777 says:

    Everyone knows we’ve all done this before. these guys just make it look waay cooler

  13. phoenix0192 says:

    What is it with these guys and wheely chairs???

  14. bibelwalker says:

    Get into the choppaaaaaa!!!!!

  15. BertFlamingo says:

    Just love them! I’ve seen them live now two times and I hope they get back to sweden so there can be a third 😀

  16. IndianaJonas96 says:

    Me too, I’ve seen Don’t Explain and Heaven by Storm 😀 They are just awesome.

  17. ThornWolf1 says:

    Imagination is awesome!

  18. 7CellarDoors says:

    The audience must feel really weird about the whole situation…

  19. aces1075 says:

    last second snow angel. 😀

  20. tjasabutina says:

    i didnt kno thhat shane and dave have same aye colour it looks like that shane has brown eyes… <3 but love them!!!!

  21. tjasabutina says:

    shane is sooooooo thin¨!”#$%&/()=

  22. reo0o0of111 says:

    we will gonna die we may is die in style جمله تسسستحق التأمل 🙂

  23. robstar610 says:

    Why do they always end up dying?

  24. ada19z says:

    That’s the only way to stop them 😉

  25. carasaf says:


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