Workaholics: Getting Physical

Adam almost dies after fighting over weapons with Blake.

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  1. JacobStetar says:

    Now thats a fucking stunt! 

  2. 94RGARCIA says:

    “On the real I just barfed out of my thing.” Lol -The Ders!!!

  3. codymelton9 says:

    i miss this hsow so much, i dont have comedy central any more because OF FUCKING GAY DIRECT TV!

  4. lambsthatchop says:

    Best episode of the season, ah.

  5. crazychadmb says:

    Adam is so adorable

  6. DedicatedToHim23 says:

    I cld NOT stop laughing at this scene. I replayed it over 10 times on my DVR when i saw it. This was priceless!!!!
    Favorite scene EVER!!!!!!!

  7. omar9654 says:

    did you see my practice runs?

  8. DrGiggitygoo says:

    Was I the only one screaming at the TV, telling Blake to just lift Adam up and cut the tension?

  9. sublimeALLDAY420 says:

    ive never even jet skied off a water falll… hahahaha adam is the shit

  10. TheMonster10101 says:


  11. TheJoanneAndre says:

    I want my hair to look like Blake’s *hides in a corner*

  12. Zak Aldridge says:

    2:14 I ALMOST DIED!!!

  13. 666fuckoffandie says:


  14. Larry Johnson says:

    I haven’t even seen beauty and the beast in like seven years!

  15. cosmomatic100 says:

    Lol “I’m not suppose to run with these”

  16. cougarsgoalie1 says:

    Adam cries like a kid lol

  17. TheEvolutionSkaters says:

    ive never even jet skiid off a waterfall ahaha

  18. James Bray says:

    you can tell how much blake wants to burst out laughing during adam’s realization

  19. elosarma says:

    when he’s hanging there while they’re talking…haha these guys continuously top themselves

  20. SockSangwiches says:

    “Cool. I’ll take that, I’ll take that unless you have a grenade launcher.”

  21. RachelSmachel38 says:

    I’ve literally watched this like 30 times

  22. oregonducksfan5598 says:

    Well I think I want the slingshot because this looks pretty, f&*#ing stupid. Haha!

  23. oregonducksfan5598 says:

    You’re gunna tetnasize yourself.

  24. deathridexxx says:

    Fucken sweet

  25. FrostedNutz1300 says:

    1:22 to 1:34 hahahah

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