Would You Like To Super Size That Butt Plug?

Would You Like To Super Size That Butt Plug?

The world’s first drive through sex shop just opened, and it is located in the otherwise repressed State of Alabama. The shop is situated in a former bank building, and the drive through teller windows now are portals to things far more exciting than deposit slips. There is some symmetry here turning an institution which is known for fucking its customers into one that helps its customers fucks.

This drive through sex shop is the brainchild of a woman named Sherri Williams — who had to  previously sue the State over her last shop being banned. This prior case went all the way to the Supreme Court, but unfortunately she lost. It seems that Alabama law only allows the sale of sex toys for medical uses. Consequently, Ms. Williams asserts that all sales are strictly for therapeutic purposes.

She backs this up by making each customer fill out a form promising that they need the sex toy due to a medical concern. One can’t help but think of the parallels to California’s medical marijuana clinics — no, I’m not here to buy something just for my enjoyment. Perusing through these forms surely would be quite amusing.

“When I shove a vibrator into my wife’s pussy it really helps her arthritis”.

Such silliness will last so long as segments of America view with disdain anything that feels good. We’ll all know that we are free from these Puritanical shackles when we’re all able to go through a drive-through in our town selling Smoothies, BC Kush and anal lube.


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  1. Trent says:

    Would You Like To Super Size That Butt Plug?

    Why yes, I would.

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